Cat Man!

Super Cat can leap tall fences in a single bound…

Cat Man - Super Cat

Hope this makes you smile!  🙂

Happy Creating!

14 responses to “Cat Man!

  1. 🙂 smiling at your cat superhero!

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  2. Great work Jill…you made me start the day with a big grin! xo Johanna

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  3. Hehe now I’ve got the Batman theme in my head! 💜💛💜

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  4. Sort of Monty Python – very clever, Jill.

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  5. Certainly did make me smile! I’m still smiling.

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  6. Jill, I have an unrelated question for you. I know you had recommended in the past a brand and type of acrylic paint. I feel like it was Liquitex, and I’m thinking about the soft body or the heavy body. This would be for art journaling mainly, but I may decide to do some acrylic paintings as well. I think you mentioned a product that you like to add to your paint that extends its working time? Could you tell me what that is called so I can look for that specifically. Thanks so much! 😀

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    • Hi Laura! I decided to spend the day outdoors today so I just noticed your message! 😊 My FAVORITE acrylic paint is Golden FLUID acrylics. You won’t need an extender for them. These are expensive but you can sometimes try a sample package. These would work well in your art journal. If you are doing acrylic painting on canvas, Golden also makes an Open Acrylics that is supposed to allow you to paint for longer periods. I have not tried them yet because they are expensive too. I used Liquitex heavy body but there is also a BASICS brand that works as well – not sure who makes it. These work well on canvas and may also work in your journal. Liquitex makes an extender for their paints. I think it’s called, Extender Medium. I’m sure if you googled Liquitex products they would tell you. The Golden Fluid acrylics work on canvas too. Just depends how thick you want your paint. My suggestion is to try several to see what you like best. 🎨 Hope this helps! 😊

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