She Sells Seashells…

I collect vintage postcards.  This one has an one-cent US stamp on the back:

She sells sea shells

Last summer I learned to paint a crab and seashells from Fred Lisaius:

Beach scene watercolor

I found a photo online for the black starfish.  I used photos or real shells for ideas and the rest were imaginary.  It was so fun!

Fred is a very talented artist and a wonderful teacher!  I recommend you look up his work online.  He is teaching an acrylic painting class in July.  You can find out more from this link.

I hope to paint more seashells by the seashore (lake) this summer.

Happy Creating!

9 responses to “She Sells Seashells…

  1. Wow Jill!! Wow! You never cease to amaze!!

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  2. Beautiful Jill!!! Love your colors too.

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  3. My! These seashells are very colorful! Love them! 😉

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