School of Fish – Part 2

Yesterday, I showed you my creative fish doodles in black pen.  Today, I want to show you how I colored them:

school of fish completed

I completed the above page by adding Prismacolor pencils.

My first layer of color was Copic markers and inexpensive watercolors:

school of fish - markers & wc

They add a little color to my black pen from yesterday:

My school of fish doodles - before color

I worked on coloring it every evening this week!  I do like how it turned out in color though, don’t you?

school of fish completed

What is your favorite fish?  I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Creating!  🙂

17 responses to “School of Fish – Part 2

  1. It is lovely!!! so cheerful with many, many stories!

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  2. Love it !! Nose fish is my fave. 😜

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  3. The pig! Love the color added! Have a great day, Jill!

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  4. It is so hard to choose – but I think the blue eel-like one in the middle is my fave. The triangular green one with the red eye was a close second – it has quite an attitude! Fantastic characters, all of them.

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  5. I like your orange happy fish. Reminds me of a Dr. Seuss character.

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  6. Fun! This is great Jill! I love your addition of color. I thought Happy Fish might be a favorite, than I saw Cat Fish and Hat Fish and Pencil Fish…..

    Is there a limit to your fish possibilities? (Meaning, might we see more?)

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