A Day At The Lake – In My Journal

I thought you might like to take a peak into my journal from last Sunday:

my journal page for sunday, June 28

I saw lots of wild life!  🙂

Happy Friday!!!

13 responses to “A Day At The Lake – In My Journal

  1. It’s nice you keep a record like this. It’s a nice way to mark the day, isn’t it? Art and words. I’m almost finished my first journal. It’s a wonderful habit! Have a great weekend! 💜

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    • Thanks Laura! I have not been doing it every day like before but when I can. I enjoy it but I’m so much more active in the summertime that time seems to get away from me. So decided not to stress about it and do it when I can. Enjoy your weekend as well! 😊🎉🌟

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  2. such a fun way to journal! Love it! Happy Holiday weekend Jill!

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  3. What a great way to keep a journal. I’ve always wanted to keep one but I find the writing to get tedious after a while. Drawing along with the writing makes it so much more fun and the result is so cool!

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    • Thanks Nancy Marie! I find that I enjoy looking back on my drawings the most! 😊 I also like to journal about something interesting that I’ve been doing. I’m happy to hear that you like it! 😊


  4. Love the moose!! These are the best kind of journals!!

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  5. Thanks Rebecca! Yes, I agree! I am so glad I started drawing and doodling in my journals as they bring me such joy when I look at them again. 😊 Do you keep a journal with your art?


  6. A wonderful journal! Creative, artistic, and colorful!

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  7. Wonderful peak in your jorunal. Are you journaling like this every day?

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