The Rear-View Mirror

It was so HOT at the lake this weekend –  that it melted the adhesive for my   rear-view mirror!  And so the mirror fell off!   WOWZA!

It got me thinking about my rear-view mirror and its meaning:  The view of the area BEHIND your vehicle…

But what if I reflected on the view BEHIND me for summer?  I could tell you in WORDS but I decided to create it in COLOR instead – so here is a collage I created:

summer collage

What colors would it REFLECT for you?

Happy Creating!  🙂

11 responses to “The Rear-View Mirror

  1. Definitely looks hot, Jill! Sizzles with heat!! Boy, I bet you’ll be happy when fall comes this year! How many degrees above normal are you guys this year?! We are cooler and wetter than normal in MD; I think we’ve switched places. I hate heat, so I’m happy about it. You seem to like the warm weather though? I love your collage. It’s very beautiful. Have a great week! 💜

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  2. That’s a hot weekend Jill to melt the adhesive from your mirror. Beautiful HOT collage too! 🙂

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    • Yes, I’ve never had this happen before! My husband melted his prescription sunglasses a couple of weeks ago – now that was a more expensive fix! Happy you like my sizzling hot collage, Jodi! 🌞

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  3. kind of made me chuckle…that is hot! as long as no one got hurt! and the view behind me for the summer….well….I guess it would be a deep shade of blue, with a hint of paynes grey….to resemble the long shadow the sun would create as it sets in beautiful sunsets with my face facing towards it! 🙂

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  4. Glenmar Fullmer

    It reflects the warmth of the sun, the red of the sunset, the green of the trees and near mountains, the purple of the far mountains, the cheery warmth of your smile and the friendship of the lake people. I loved seeing all of you. Almost forgot how much of my heart belongs to Priest Lake. Thanks, love you

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  6. What a wonderful collage. Radiant, vibrant, warm on the one hand and it has some lemony feel too (lemonade?). Love the lavender bits too. 🙂

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