The Incredible Flying Fish!


You won’t want to miss this circus act of the Fabulous Flying Fish brothers:

blob fish

They have flown in from the coast to perform several AMAZING tricks!

You will see the “Comb Fish with Red Hair” stand on one-wing – a surprising feat!

The “Six-Foot One-Wing Wahoo” will pole vault over three elephants!  Yes, it seems unbelievable but it is true!  You will be dazzled with delight!

The “Big-Eye Two-Short Finned” fish will astonish you with it’s ability to jump through hoops using its two short fins and not his wings!

And last but certainly not least, the marvelous “Bearded Three-Wing” fish will spin circles the length of the tent while juggling seashells!

You won’t want to miss this AWESOME show!  Tickets are sold by the Sarcastic Fringehead this Friday only – Don’t miss the chance of a lifetime!

(BTW – According to Wikipedia, there really is a Comb fish, a Wahoo, a Big-Eye, a Bearded and MY FAVORITE, a Sarcastic Fringehead)

Hope you enjoyed the show!  🙂

9 responses to “The Incredible Flying Fish!

  1. Lol! Cute Jill! Fun how you take those silly names to the next level. 😉

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  2. Haha, cute! Love all the splatter. So much fun! 💜

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  3. Glenmar Fullmer



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  4. Ha, fantastic fringehead! Love that. Theres a humpback turretfish and lots of funny cowfish and trunkfish as well.

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