I’m A Fan!

I completed this doodle in my sketchbook today:

cool colors added

I started it last Sunday, when I was keeping cool with the ceiling fan and air conditioner.  We are having extremely high temperatures in the 90’s to 100.  This is about 20 degrees above normal in the Pacific Northwest.

Ceiling fan inspired doodle in art journal

It has a ceiling fan look to it, don’t you think?

I then added warm colors with watercolor pencils:

warm colors added to doodle

The color starts to give it shape!

I finished it with a few cool colors:

cool colors added

According to Wikipedia, “The cool fan was invented in 1882 by Schuyler Skaats Wheeler. A few years later, Philip Diehl mounted a fan blade on a sewing machine motor and attached it to the ceiling, inventing the ceiling fan, which he patented in 1887.  Later, he added a light fixture to the ceiling fan. In 1904, his Diehl and Co. added a split-ball joint, allowing it to be redirected; three years later, this developed into the first oscillating fan.”

Hope you are staying cool!

Happy Creating!  🙂

10 responses to “I’m A Fan!

  1. Jill, your doodles are 100% amazing. I love the intricacies in this piece! I also enjoyed seeing your process. Stay cool! I’ve been looking forward to September since June, and we haven’t had it so bad this year as we normally do. I feel your pain. This definitely looks like a fan, and I can feel the cool breeze already! 💜 Have a great almost-Friday!

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  2. Jill – you can make any squiggles and lines look amazing! you blow me away every day! definitely see the fan! Will you come to my house for a week and give me art camp? I will feed you and we can drink gallons of wine! :)!!

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  3. Love it, it reminds of those fabulous funky fabric designs form sixties and seventies. xo Johanna

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  4. Really “cool” 😊! I love the feeling of motion. We have ceiling fans in every room. Don’t know what we would do without them. I’m feeling very grateful to Mr Diehl!

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  5. I like your art journal, I am hosting a class at work on journaling so I will watch for some good hints. Queen Rose

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  6. Thank you Queen Rose! Art journaling is so fun! I like that there are no rules! LOL! 😊

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