An interpreter by day…

Dragon man

And a dragon by night!

Word of the Day:  Dragoman  [draguh-muh n]  noun                                                1. (in the Near East) a professional interpreter.

I realize this is a bit strange…  I created it late at night when I’d had a glass or two of wine!  LOL!

Hope it makes you smile!  🙂

HAPPY Friday!  Cheers!

8 responses to “Dragoman

  1. Hehe! Cute Jill!! Happy weekend and much vino to you! 😊😉👏🎨

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  2. Yes!! I thought this too when I saw the word of the day a while back! I personally thought it said dragonman at first. 🙂 I love your interpretation!

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  3. LOL! Wines does help loosen up the creativity – eh? 🙂

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  4. Drink wine more often Jill, lol!

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