Poppy Fields Forever – Part 1

Remember The Beatles song, “Strawberry Fields Forever” from the 60’s?  Well, this is my Poppy Fields Forever painting:

Poppies in acrylic - Lesson 5

I have been taking an online acrylic class from Fred Lisaius – you can find out more about it, here.

This was the first time I have taken an acrylic painting class where I painted a picture.

Our assignment was to paint a floral on 2 panels that connect together – called a Diptych.  I started with a quick sketch:

Poppy sketch

Next, I painted the background on 2 gessoed wood panels:

acrylic background

Then I masked out the background with beige masking tape and drew my floral design with a pencil.  Using a sharp Exacto knife, I cut out my flower and leaf shapes:

poppies - lesson 3

I painted over my panels with acrylic paints and when dry, removed the tape:

Poppies painted and mask removed - 4

I wasn’t really liking my bright green background so I decided to darken it a bit with other colors.    I also added a little more paint to my flowers and my butterfly:

Poppies in acrylic - Lesson 5

I finished by outlining my shapes and butterfly with a black marker to give it definition.  I also added a little gold gel pen to the center of the poppy flowers and butterfly.

I’m not sure I like it but I enjoyed the class and learning some new techniques.

Happy Creating!  🙂

12 responses to “Poppy Fields Forever – Part 1

  1. What an interesting technique. And beautiful painting!!

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  2. I love it, Jill; I think it’s really beautiful. The only thing I might change is possibly to warm up the leaf shapes in the foreground and cool down the background foliage color to help from a perspective standpoint but I really love this. I’m wondering what you don’t like about it. Love the detail in the flowers and butterfly. This may be one of my favorites. 💜

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    • Good suggestions, Laura. 😊 glad you like it! I think I’d like more flowers and less foliage. And I had to shade from my imagination so not sure I did that great. Next time I will paint using a color photograph as a reference. And I don’t like my color choices that well. The nice part about acrylics is I could always cover it with gesso and start again which I may do! 😊

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      • Well if you shaded from your imagination, then that makes this even more awesome to me!! I’m zippo at imagination things. I rely greatly on a reference, and I usually make something just like the reference too. But you’re right, you could totally cover it up and go again! :))

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  3. I think it’s lovely. 🙂

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  4. So beautiful Jill! and I love to see the process aswell! xo Johanna

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  5. Simply beautiful! I am not artistic at all! this is amazing!


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