Bird Feathers

My cat, Jack caught another bird the other day…

Jack cat

I don’t like this part of having an outdoor cat!  I did have to chuckle a bit when he came into the house with a feather on each ear.  He was wearing the evidence!

I am hoping the bird got away but there were many feathers on the ground so I collected a few:

Mourning Dove feathers

And using this AWESOME book:

bird feather book

I was able to identify them as a Mourning Dove.

I never realized there are so many different patterns in feathers until I started studying birds!

So today, I decided to play with a feather stencil I purchased awhile ago:

feather stencils

Sometimes, it is just FUN to play with different art mediums and color combos:

feathers - mixed media

I experimented with Oil Pastels, Watersoluble Wax Pastels, Pan Pastels and Prismacolor Pencils.

I had not thought to try these mediums with a stencil!  So fun to play!

Do you have a favorite?!  I’d love to hear what you think!  🙂

Happy Creating!

14 responses to “Bird Feathers

  1. I learn so much through you Jill. The for sharing!!

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  2. I like the blue one best! And oh how I hate mourning doves so I’m going to just go right out and say I’m glad Jack got the beast! Lol I hate their nonstop cooing waking me up when I’m trying to sleeeeeeep! LOL just had to get that little rant out there. Go Jack Go! 👍🙀👏👏👏👏

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    • Hahaha! Laura! Thanks for making me laugh! I like the blue one too! I like how soft the Pan Pastels look but they are a bit messy. 😄

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      • No doubt.

        hehe! I was hoping you’d laugh at that one. Vic is always teasing me and cooing when he hears them because he knows I won’t be able to get them out of my head til they fly off lol! But trying to fall back to sleep once the sun is up is the most trying. I need Jack to come over here. I think they have a nest right outside my bedroom window LOL. I do love your feathers, though, and I think it’s cool you did them in so many mediums too. I bet it was fun to experiment!

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      • My Jack may help with bird control but not with sleeping! He is still waking me up with the revolving door in the early morning! LOL! I find I need to create some activity for him during the day so I can sleep thru the night. He needs a cat buddy I think – of the furry variety! And yes, fun to experiment with the stencils! 😊🐦🎨

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      • Oh, true, he may just wake me up then instead of the doves lol! Need another alternative, perhaps a stray cat lol. Yeah, I wonder if a furry friend would help him? When Prancer was alive, they would both fight, so it didn’t help much lol.

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      • Jack used to play with the neighbor’s small dog until they got a second dog. It was the cutest thing to watch them play together. But I’m not getting a dog! LOL! Can’t have them at the lake where we go. 😊

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      • Yeah, dogs are too loud and jumpy for me. I’ve thought about a small one, but don’t want a barking dog waking me up in the morning. It’s hard picking a friend for an established cat. He’d almost have to pick it himself so you’d know they’d get along, unless he’s real easy – maybe so, if he likes playing with dogs! 🙂

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  3. Kindred spirits Jill, I always come home from walks with my pockets full offeathers and other wahtnots that Mother Nature leaves for inspiration ;00

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  4. I love journaling and the feathers are a great idea, thanks!

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