S is for Sunflower

Today I will show you how I made my Sunflower on my wood block:

best photo of sunflower block

I started by making some sketches in my journal:

1 - Doodle sketches for block

Next, I sealed my wood block with a coat of gesso.  After it dried, I drew my image on with a fine point black Sharpie marker:

2 - gesso painted and drawn design on block

Mixing Golden Fluid acrylics and Liquitex Gloss Medium, I painted my block yellow and then added some colors on my sunflower:

3 - painted yellow & other colors

I wasn’t liking my colors real well, so I decided to paint it red and sand it:

4 - painted red & sanded

I then added more paint:

5 - more paint

And sanded it again:

6 - sanded again

I liked how it looked kind of old or vintage.  So I finished the back side by gluing a piece of scrap paper and a quote I typed on the computer.  I painted it so it looked old:

7 - back side of sunflower block

Next, I nailed small nails into my sunflower on the front and painted the nail heads yellow:

9 - added nails & painted & S

I also added an “S” sticker to the bottom left corner.

I finished it by attaching eye hooks to the edges and stringing a wire with a few beads for it to hang:

10 - Added beads on wire

I will probably add a coat of varnish before I hang it outdoors…

sunflower block in sunshine

I really like how the sunlight reflects the nail heads!

Hope you enjoyed seeing how I created my sunflower!

Happy Creating!  🙂

15 responses to “S is for Sunflower

  1. Love it – thanks for sharing how you made it! Have a SUNNY day!

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  2. Serendipity!! I am just taking a break form drawing sunflowers and catching up on blogging and finding yours! so pretty and happy looking too, xo Johanna

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  3. I love the dimension you added with the nail heads, Jill!! And so perfect for a flower that produces seeds! I also like the vintage look you got with the sanding. Perfect summer project! 💜💛💜

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  4. Love these Jill!! So fun and pretty!! Makes me want to try!!

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  5. This is wonderful! Thanks for sharing the process too!

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  6. This week was horrid but tomorrow I am going to do my block. Did I miss the block party? I hope not! Is so, well, it will be late. Lol. Love your sunflower, Jill!

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