A Ledger of Color

Several years ago, I purchased this old ledger at a thrift store:

Hard covered ledger book

I thought it would be the perfect art journal!

So I started a color journal.  Here are some of my papers I have created:

Green & Yellow dye print

The above print I made using a dye and salt technique with leaves at the lake.  I also attached a photo I took.  I love the greens and yellow.

Here is another green and yellow one.  This one uses a photo, a piece of mica and some papers I purchased:

photo of thimbleberries

I love the shades of orange in this one:

orange nature print

I thought the paint color sample was a good match!

Wild strawberries were my inspiration for the color red:

wild strawberry red

And I liked the multi colors of this one:

colorful fairy print

It says:  The woods are full of fairies, The trees are all alive; The river overflows with them, See how they dip and dive!  (Author Unknown)

I hope to continue adding to my color journal this week at the lake.  I am bringing my watercolors and acrylic paints with me.

Have you ever created a color journal?  I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Creating!  🙂

21 responses to “A Ledger of Color

  1. Nope, never have, but love your ledger! Very cool, and I’m sure you’ll have fun with your journal Jill!

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  2. You are so COLORFUL Jill! Lovely!

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  3. Beautiful Jill! Did you use the dye and salt technique for the 3rd and 4th papers as well?

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  4. What an excellent thrift store score! And it could not have gone to a better home for a better use! beautiful work, Jill!~


  5. Aw, thank you kindly Johanna! Hope to do a little watercolor painting today for my color journal. xo


  6. no I can’t say I have made a color journal….sounds interesting though. I might if I had that gorgeous red leather journal though….

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  7. I haven’t created a color journal, but feel inspired seeing yours. 👏👏👏🔺

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