Abstract Paintings

I thought you might enjoy some of the abstract paintings I completed in 2014 when taking an online class with Karine Swenson.  I used acrylic paints on canvas.

This one I painted with a pallet knife:

abstract with palette knife

It looks like a flower garden to me!

I love the colors in this one and have it hanging in my art room:

Abstract - 3rd layer

This one I titled, “Fragments of Memory:”

Fragments of Memory

I created it thinking about my loved ones who have struggled or are currently dealing with dementia – a terrible disease.

And this last one, looks like a starburst or a firecracker exploding in the air:

Black canvas completed

It was done on a black canvas.  I like the colors in this one too!

If you like abstract paintings, you may enjoy seeing this one I did earlier this year.

I enjoy playing with paint and color.  I would love to hear what you think!

Happy Painting!  🙂

10 responses to “Abstract Paintings

  1. Indeed I enjoy your abstract paintings. i can’t help but thinking what lovely fabrics or wall papers they would make. Love the color palet and shapes. beautiful work Jill, xo Johanna

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  2. And you say you are not an artist … BLOWN AWAY!!!!! 💙💜💚❤️

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  3. Here again, totally gorgeous stuff, Jill. It’s hard to pick a favorite! I love the last one because I see feathers coming out. That may be just me, but it’s so cool! I love e colors in all of them. The first one looks like it should be on Fine Art America or hanging somewhere fancy lol! And I love the one that looks like pieces of prisms (sorry, on tablet and memory horrible) too. You have a way with color that just seems like it comes so natural and easy to you, because it feels unplanned, like something from nature. Not sure if any of this makes sense lol. Anyway, I love them, all of them! Do these come really easy for you? They don’t look fussed over at all. Happy Saturday, Jill! 💜💜💜

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    • Thank you Laura! Glad you like them! 😊 Color does come easy to me. I had fun creating these probably because I did not know what I was doing – once I started learning more about abstract painting, I found it harder to just paint loosely. Other people in my class saw feathers too in the last one too. LOL! I appreciate your comments, Laura! Enjoy your day as well. I’m going to paint rocks with a 5 year-old friend at the lake. 🎨💜🌈

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  4. Brava! ☺.

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