Go Spot, Go!

I learned how to create these “Picasso Dogs” in Carla Sonheim’s FREE online art classes for kids last week.  (It isn’t too late to sign up if you want to have some FUN!)

My first one looks like a dog on the go:

picasso dog on the move

I created it with Inktense Blocks and a black marker.

My second dog, needs a drink of water:

picasso dog drooling

He looks part raccoon…LOL!

And my third one started as a dog:

picasso toy mouse or bunny

And turned into a toy mouse or bunny on wheels!

I created the last one in crayon resist with watercolor.

These are fun to create with kids or if you are a kid at heart like I am, you will enjoy making these silly animals.

Happy Creating!  🙂

18 responses to “Go Spot, Go!

  1. How interesting, the first two ones look so different from your other work but still recognizable as ‘yours’, love the colors, merryment and movement,xo Johanna

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  2. Love your color choices too, Jill (to add to the above comments)! Have you thought about writing a story incorporating your imaginary characters? Boy, what a hit that would be! 💛💛💛 Happy Hump Day, my friend!

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  3. colorful and fun! keep em coming!

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  4. Glenmar Fullmer

    Love um!


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  5. Omg I want number 1 so bad! You really need to put these on zazzle. I want a mug of that one. Lol

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