Dixie Mouse

Did you have a favorite stuffed animal as a child?

Mine was Dixie mouse:

Dixie Mouse stuffed animal

I was reminded of Dixie when I was journaling in my art journal recently:

art journal of me as a kid with dixie mouse

Here I am at about five years-old.  This prompted me to get out my old childhood album to see when I got Dixie.  I think I got it when I turned one.  Dixie had a rather large nose and ears that were loved off…

It was a rainy day at the lake when I just started playing in my art journal.  I was surprised to find a childhood photo of me in my stash!

Sometimes I like to create a border in my journal with paper scraps.  I learned this technique from the very talented, Teesha Moore.

So today, I decided to sketch Dixie mouse in pencil with a few color pencils:

drawing of dixie mouse

I would love to hear about your favorite stuffed animal as a child!  🙂

Happy Journaling!

11 responses to “Dixie Mouse

  1. So adorable!! You. Dixie Mouse. The painting. The art journal page. All uniquely beautifully Jill. 😊

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  2. Aww so sweet 💛 Mine was an elephant. I had a hard plastic one that made a noise when you squeezed it and also a soft one. I think they are both still here. A played with them (but not a lot, she had others she preferred more) when she was little. Thanks for sharing your friend with us, Jill!

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  3. Aw, I love Dixie Mouse! Mine was a giant penguin (named Penguin… I was not the most original with names) that I got when I was seven. I still have him eight years later. 🙂 He did get ripped a lot along the neck, but I soon learned to see, which solved the problem. He is missing an eye unfortunately… But I love(d) him all the same!

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  4. Your Dixie Mouse looks quite “real” like the Velveteen Rabbit! He must have been a well loved companion. My favorite was a little yellow puppy with big floppy black ears. She was named “Flopsie” of course and when I came across her in a box years later most of her fur and one of her eyes was loved off. She had been hugged around the neck so much that her head no longer stood up! She was very “Flopsie” indeed!

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  5. Thank you Nancy for sharing your sweet memory of Flopsie with me. ❤️
    Nice that we had such special companions to keep us company! xo


  6. my lovely teddy bear Anne Marie was a hand me down from my much older brother but it was love on first site. She travelled with me for all my life. I still have her and my sons where never allowed to play with her. And of course…I knit her pretty clothes too ;0) your Dixie is lovely!! xo Johanna

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