The Monster Mash

Remember my “School of Fish” I created in my art journal?  Well, this weekend I created a page of silly monsters!

Strange creatures in journal B&W

There is something mindless and relaxing about drawing imaginary creatures that I love!

I plan to color them with copic markers and color pencils.

Happy Creating!  🙂

14 responses to “The Monster Mash

  1. And you are SOOOOO good at it! They are so Jilly! Can’t wait to see color version, but this is fun to look at too! 🙂

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  2. Soooo Jilly! Oh that is the phrase for you! Perfect! Jill I love this page. The one in the middle with one eye up and the other one down? That pretty much sums up my last few days lol! Thank you my friend, for always brightening my morning. 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

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    • I am thinking of you, Laura and sending you prayers and hugs! Any news yet from the vet? 💜

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      • Thank you, Jill – she can’t be seen until next week, unfortunately, but for the moment, she’s out of the woods, I think, due to the dry food a friend at work “coincidentally” gave Vic to donate to a shelter. Dry cat food. She hasn’t had this for almost ten years. Picky eater like you wouldn’t believe, and she wolfs this stuff down like it’s going out of style! Anyway, the vet reviewed her case and is aware of her symptoms, and now that Penny is eating, I’m less concerned, but she, like me, suspects diabetes or kidney issues or thyroid, or a combination. We have never had an old cat before, so we’re not really sure what to expect. Penny is 16. Have you been through this with any of your cats?

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      • Glad to hear Penny is eating again. I had a young cat that had diabetes. We gave it a pill instead of a shot. Cat only lived to 4 yrs old when it was killed by a coyote. But I have had other cats that were older with health issues. It is never easy. I worried about them so much! Hope that Penny is OK. And yes, Jack is a picky eater now too! Never should have had his teeth cleaned! Ugh

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      • Lol thanks Jill. Aw poor Jack! Sounds like he and Penny would be fast friends. Boy, I hope she keeps eating this. Vet thinks she may decide to stop eating it too……praying she doesn’t. Watching and waiting. As a friend says, “They’re just little people in fur coats.” She’s so right.

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      • Aww! I like your friend’s saying, Laura!

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      • This is what she said Prancer passed. We had never had a cat pass away so we were so surprised by the loss. I think her saying is perfect. I’m glad you Iike it too. 💛

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  3. Looks like you had really fun doing it! I’d love to color it…

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  4. I like it like this….too….but I am sure coloring it will be so much fun!!


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