Message In The Bathtub

Sometimes I mess up lyrics to songs and invent my own words….

I have always done this to Sting’s song, “Message in the Bottle.”  To me, it sounds like he is saying, “Message in the bathtub!”  Yeah, I know – I’m weird!

monogreen bird

I was surprised to learn at  that there was actually a word – Mondegreen which means:  a misinterpretation of a word or phrase that has been heard, especially a song lyric.

HA!  I’m not the only one who does this!  YAY!

I think that my message for you today is to keep creating even when you don’t FEEL like it.

When I get stuck and don’t know what to do but WANT  to create something, I turn to the “Word of the Day,” at as it always inspires me!

What do you do?  I’d love to hear about it!

Happy singing!  🙂

21 responses to “Message In The Bathtub

  1. I never thought a word of the day could bring out such a creativity.. It’s a lovely piece

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  2. What a great idea to inspire creativity !

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  3. interesting technique to keep the juices flowing! I paint fruit and veggies….or giraffes.

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  4. ….or giraffes riding bikes

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  5. Love it Jill and your text made me really laugh. Hehe I always think I’m the only one doing “weird” things too. :)) What I do is an abstract. Like the other night, I was tired but yet I still felt I wanted to make something and so I started with a feeling and a color and that’s where my last abstract came from. Words are such a part of your journey. I think it’s cool you go for the word of the day! (Police songs have had me making up lyrics for years lol!) Have a great day, Jill! 💛

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    • I like that you create abstracts to get your creative juices flowing, Laura! I found it interesting to hear you say that words were such a part of my journey. I had not thought of it this way before. Thank you for your insight! And I love you make up lyrics too! 🙂

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  6. And does anyone really know the lyrics to Rocket Man?

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  7. I did that with quite a few songs too. Now I know the word for it but I’ll probably get that wrong too … Mondegreen. Cute birdie in the bathtub! What a great post today, Jill. Thanks!

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  8. LOL, this reminds me of my husband singing English popsongs without knowing any English. 😄 Or me as a kid. It took me years to to find out that “soon boberater” by Sade meant actually “smooth operator”… 😊

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  9. Oh, and I love your cute picture!!!

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