Reaching for Strength

As many of you may know (from previous blog posts) that I started taking online classes in 2013 from Carla Sonheim.  I started by taking a year long class called, The Year of the Giraffe.

I did not have any particular fondness for giraffes but I wanted to try to nurture my creative spirit again.  It sounded like fun and I was working LOTS of hours at my job.  I really needed more FUN in my life!  LOL!

Jammy the Giraffe - 2

My husband gave me this large stuffed giraffe for my birthday that year.  I named HER “Jammy.”  I felt like I was finally “jamm’in” to what brought me JOY in life!  ART!

I love creating and I’m so happy I started a blog this year!  As I have made sooo many wonderful new friends!  Like YOU!  🙂

Jammy in purple tutu and flower

And sometimes I like being silly!  So happy you put up with silly Jilly!  🙂

(BTW – My neighbor thought I was a bit odd when I was doing my photo shoot in my backyard of  a stuffed giraffe!  LOL!  A friend gave me these silly hats, etc for Jammy to wear…)

You see, humor helps me cope with life.  And sometimes (as many of you know)  life can be challenging!

Jammy with orange hair

Orange is my favorite color in case you didn’t know!  LOL!

I don’t often share my personal life here because I realize we all have our problems.  But today, I need to share – hopefully, many of you will understand.

My husband’s parents, dad and mom – divorced – and both in their 80’s with dementia are all of sudden placed in our lap for their care.

Yes, they are in facilities BUT they still need our help!  Today this feels a bit overwhelming!  His sister, who was primarily taking care of them, has decided to take a job out-of-town.  Which “leaves” them in our care without much notice…

Jammy with leaves

I want to support and encourage my husband because he helped me deal with both my parents who were ill and passed away.

But sometimes, I just need to LAUGH!

Jammy with green hair and glasses

And since giving the “hairy eyeball” to his sister doesn’t work:

Jammy the Giraffe - 5

I know we will just have to deal with the situation.

Thank you everyone for ALL your friendship and support!  It means more that I can say!  xo

Jill  🙂


18 responses to “Reaching for Strength

  1. I can sympathize totally, Jill, and sending up prayers for you and your husband and family. Take care, and vent any time you need to. 💛

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  2. Adding my prayers. Trusting for “new mercies” each day.

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  3. Good morning Jill, thank you for sharing about the the giraffes and your parents-in-law. I do know what it is like caring for older parents. Both my folks passed at the beginning of the year. I spent the last two years of their life helping them. Even though I was glad to help, it is physically and emotionally demanding. Ita good to hear they are both in assisted living situations. Take good care of yourself. Art and excercise are the two of the ways that helped me keep my balance while helping my folks. Feel free to email me if you need to talk further.

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  4. That giraffe is adorable Jill and what a sweet hubby to give you that. And look what fun you had with it!! Sorry to hear about the situation with your in laws. Hang in there. We have been there and it can be difficult. Hold on tight to hubby’s love and cherish the moments. It will get you through. Hugs!!

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  5. Glenmar Fullmer

    So sorry Jill. The stage of life th you and Tom are in now is really tough. I’m glad you shared this with us, your friends and fellow artists. We care! Praying for strength for you ad Tom. Keep your paints wet…love, hugs


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  6. Such cute and funny pictures!!! Love that giraffe!!! ❤️ Wishing you a lot of strength and good humor!

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  7. Hi Jill, I am glad you can make yourself laugh when life is not so easy. I wish you strength in dealing with the care for your in laws and I just know your sense of humor helps a lot. Sending hugs!

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  8. Jill I have two very close friends who’s parents are all in their 90s and they are the primary caregivers. My one friend still has her mother at home with her but her father is in a home. She thought it would be easier with only one parent in the house but now she spends her time between two places and her mother has become very emotional. My friend is a single mom and she has no life of her own. She actually finds being at work as a reprieve from her parents. My other friend has just moved both of her parents into a nursing home but it’s an hour away. She’s already been called a couple of times because her father is giving the staff a lot of grief and she’s had to drive out there because her sister who’s closer was out of town. I thank my lucky stars that my soon to be 89 year dad is still able to live in his own place without outside support. I can tell from your blog that you are a very loving and supportive person. Don’t be hard too on your sister-in-law. It sounds like she may feel she’s done her part and needs a change in her life. Keep doing your art and finding joy in the small things. I love reading your posts and always appreciate your kind words and support for my work. Carol

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    • Thanks Carol for your encouragement. I guess I was surprised by her sudden decision. It puts a lot more pressure on my husband which he doesn’t really need. Maybe his other sister who lives in town – and is now retired from her job – will finally start participating in his parent’s care. All I know is families are complicated and dealing with aging parents can be exhausting. 😏

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