A Path In The Woods – Post 3 of 3

I started my poem on Monday of this week and posted my second part on Wednesday.   Here is the completion of my poem.

I walked the path today:

the path for day 3

You know the one…

Where the Yarrow grows wild:

yarrow for 3rd post

By the creek:

the creek day 3

And nature unfolds her beauty:

purple flowers for day 3

As one season ends and the next one begins:

the gold fern for 3rd day post

I hope you have enjoyed taking a walk in the woods with me.  🙂

Happy Friday!

12 responses to “A Path In The Woods – Post 3 of 3

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed!

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  2. Beautiful walk in the woods. I especially like the last image of the leaves just beginning to turn fall colors. Thanks Jill.

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  3. Glenmar Fullmer

    Love the poem thanks for sharing. Photos made it even more beautiful


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  4. Wonderful break in my morning. Thank you Jill. 💛💛💛

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    • I’m glad Laura! I am staying home this weekend. Need to clean the house and see my hubby’s mom. Fire danger is really bad right now so the air quality is horrible. Will be nice to relax a little at home. 😊 what are your plans?

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      • Well, most likely to stay by Penny’s side and keep coaxing her to eat and drink. The vet gave me a copy of her lab work and the numbers are scary, so I know she’s not out of the woods.

        I hope you have a peaceful weekend and that your time with your mother-in-law goes well for you both. 💛💛💛

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  5. Thanks Laura! I hope you are able to do a little art this weekend. Maybe a portrait of Penny?! I’d love to see her in one of your ink drawings with a few splashes of watercolor paint. 🐱💚🐱


  6. Lovely poem. Thanks for bringing us along on your walk!

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