Sweet Pea

I started a new doodle in my sketch book recently:

Pea doodle - 1

My doodle reminded me of a cat I had several years ago.  I named her “Sweet Pea,” because she loved to eat the sweet snap peas from my garden!   🙂

I added a few more lines and a little watercolor paint to my doodle in process:

pea doodle - 3

When I was a young girl, my dad and I planted the flower, “Sweet Pea” from seeds.  I will always remember the flower’s  sweet scent and their beautiful colors!

This memory inspired me to create this handmade card for a sweet friend today:

Sweet pea greeting card

And speaking of cards and sweet friends – Jodi, who has an AMAZING blog at Life in Between  is starting to sell her beautiful, handmade watercolor cards at her Etsy store!  You can find her store, here.    I hope you will stop by her blog and Etsy shop for a visit!

Happy Creating!  🙂

15 responses to “Sweet Pea

  1. I love the sweet pea! and your whole process from the start of the doodle in your sketchbook too…look forward to seeing what happens with it. I have always loved the vines of a sweet pea and their curious nature of curly queus….and I checked out life in between and the cards are delightful! thanks!!

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  2. You are such s sweet pea Jill! 😇

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  3. Hi Jill – great minds think alike, I was drawing peas over the weekend as a possible post on my blog. Cool designs! And, a nice shout out to Jodi.

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  4. Beautiful card, Jill, I totally love it! Your doodles are art. Period. :))

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  5. I love how some carefully placed colors make your already neat doodle pop!

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  6. Such a sweet post with such beautiful art!!! Love you sweet pea picture with the lots of greens – really wonderful!!!

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