It’s In The Bag or Um, Envelope?

Sometimes it is fun to repurpose items I have around the house rather then purchase something new!

And I found making these items just might help me be better organized!  Are you curious?

gold envelope

You see, one of the things about collage is that I keep every little piece of paper!  And sometimes, the pile grows so that it takes on a life of its own…

The creative envelope to the rescue!  YAY!

I made the above one from a recycled gold padded envelope.

And the one below, I made from a piece of junk mail that I folded in half –

backside of bird envelope

And then glued some of those little pieces of collage paper that were floating around to one side.

I used a little bird I created from a leaf print for the other side:

bird feathers envelope

Punched holes in the sides of the cardstock and then sewed the edges closed with embroidery thread.  The perfect place to keep my bird feathers!

When hubby came home with a Starbucks bag, I cut it in two:

starbucks sack cut in two

And made envelopes out of each section – here is the top half:

top half side 2

I used patterned tape to seal the bottom.

side 1 top half

And decorated both sides of the bag….  a perfect place to keep my postage stamps!

I hope I inspired you to repurpose an item you have around your home as a storage container!  I’d love to hear what you did!

Happy Creating!  🙂

27 responses to “It’s In The Bag or Um, Envelope?

  1. Dear Jill – these are all wonderful ideas. Now I know what’d to do with the feathers I’m always collecting. Thanks for sharing these very creative projects.

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  2. Great ideas Jill! My fave is the recycled padded envelope.

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  3. So fun and creative. Oh to be inside your mind for an hour. I would burst! 😝

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  4. Love those repurposed envelopes! I was making envelopes with old calendars but I’m too busy these days.

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  5. Wonderful! Containers are my second favorite thing in the world (books being first). There is something very satisfying about organizing things. It helps your life feel more simple. Thanks for the ideas!

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    • You are so welcome, Nancy! Yes, I agree. I love being organized but have gotten a little behind in that department. Creating these envelopes has motivated me to get back on track! 🙂


  6. oh my how flipping creative!! fantastic!!

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  7. This is so fun! Cool ideas Jill! And THAT’S what you do with junk mail! Perfect! I have too many stuff piled up, but done had collage making as an excuse. 😊😊

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  8. Great post, Jill!

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  9. This is perfect for school! Thank you for sharing. The best part is I’m going to get my students to make them. Yippee!

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    • Good idea, Kitty! 😊 And I bet your kids will have a few new ideas of their own! I hope you will post their creative solutions on your blog! I’d love to see them! 🎨💚🌟


  10. Such a cute and good idea!!! I´ll use it to keep my pressed flowers! Thanks for sharing!!! 💕😊

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  11. That sounds like a lovely idea, Ann! 💜🌺💚


  12. Oh, they turned out beautifully ❤ I used to do them as well, also from calendars. The thing is that I don't have that much time to write letters anymore 😦 Your post is really inspiring though, makes me want to get up and create more ❤

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