Precious Puddles

It FINALLY rained this weekend!  In case you haven’t heard on the news, the Pacific Northwest is raging in wildfires!

We are hoping the rain today and (hopefully) during the week and the cooler weather – will help ease the work of firefighters in our area and stop the destruction.  The smoke has been so bad, it has been difficult to breathe the air or see the mountains!  So today I took these photos after the rain at the lake to share with you….

Grab you raincoat and your boots and let’s jump in some puddles!

puddle in road

A daisy for your thoughts:

daisy under fence post

A fall leaf floating in a puddle:

gold leaf in puddle

Burnt tree bark from area fires on the beach:

burnt bark on beach

Storm clouds over the lake:

rain clouds over the lake

We continue to pray for rain!

Thanks for taking a walk with me and splashing in some puddles!

Happy Monday!  🙂

13 responses to “Precious Puddles

  1. So glad you are getting some relief!!! Keep on splashin!! 😝

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  2. Beautiful, Jill! Wonderful that you’re getting some much needed rain. Loved the fall leaf the best. Fall has the best colors! 💛💛💛

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  3. Lovely pictures. I grew up in Chelan and am heartsick watching the fires on the news. We visited this summer and the first fire started the day after we left. Now we live in Port Townsend. Which lake are you enjoying? Have enjoyed your work, Jill. And recognize you from online classes. Best!

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  4. It was already bad enough when I was in Vancouver in July; I imagine it only got worse in August. I did hear about the wild storm that blew in. Many people were (maybe still are) without power in the Lower Mainland…and probably elsewhere. My father, thankfully, still had power at his house.

    Pretty photos!

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  5. Yay!! Finally!! Nice photos!! So happy you’re getting rain Jill. And if you don’t run around and start jumping in puddles immediately I’ll be extremely disappointed!! 😉 (and post the photos!! Hehe)

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