What Has 3 Hearts?

Charlie O’Shields at Doodlewash, sent me a couple more abstracts that he recently did in watercolor!  Here is one of them:

Charlie's Abstract - before

I enjoy the challenge of finding images in abstracts!

Here is what I found immediately in this one:

Octopus in Charlie's abstract

An Octopus!  Did you know they have 3 hearts?

This discovery made me want to learn MORE about octopuses!

So I sketched one in my art journal and looked it up on Wikipedia to learn fun facts about this – Cephalopod:

Octopus sketch in journal

I see a future doodle that is currently swimming around  in my head!

Thanks Charlie for the inspiration!  🙂

Happy Creating!

25 responses to “What Has 3 Hearts?

  1. I did not know they had a beak…how cool is that?

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  2. I LOVE this Jill!! I wasn’t a fan of my abstracts and you’re making me like them again! Hehe… Your octopus is amazing!!! What an awesome page you made! And I didn’t know many of those facts, so I learned something too! Bonus! This game is so fun!! Thank you friend!! 😃

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  3. Well done, Jill! I see a ballerina with a fancy headdress! It is cool looking for images in abstracts. Nice to be inspired by another’s work. 💛

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  4. I see a figure skater spinning! Love your abstract Charlie – and love your creative spin, Jill! Look at that octopus and all you taught us today! WOOHOO!

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  5. I love octopi! They are so smart and have beautiful movements. Love the one you found in Charlie’s abstract piece!

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  6. Jill, your artwork is always full of surprises. Thank you a fun and informative post!

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  7. Love your Octopus in the whirlpool! Also enjoyed the facts…I always thought it was “octopi”!

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