Honeysuckles and Hummingbirds

I previously posted photos of the honeysuckle vine growing in my yard, such as this one:

Honeysuckle photo for drawing

I decided to sketch the above photo with a black micron pen and paint in watercolor:

Watercolor Honeysuckle bloom

It doesn’t look totally like the photo but I’m OK with that.  It was not easy to do!

Did you know that the flower’s meaning is HAPPINESS?  It also symbolizes the devoted affection in the form of a lover’s embrace.

The sweet nectar of the honeysuckle is one the hummingbird’s favorite.  You can see a hummingbird I previously drew in color pencils, here.

Wishing you a day of happiness!   🙂

21 responses to “Honeysuckles and Hummingbirds

  1. What a gorgeous watercolor Jill! I know it is not easy ! I love the background. Did you do wet on wet or wet on dry for that ? Looks like maybe wet on dry? Outstanding job on the background. Was that the challenging part?

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    • Thank you Jodi! Do you really think so? It was hard to draw the flowers. The background was easier. My paper was dry and just painted some color here and there – letting the colors dry before the next layer. Hope that makes sense. 😊

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      • It does look like it was a tricky flower, but I really am impressed with the background! I usually do wet on wet, so I am going to dry wet on dry next time if it turns out half as beautiful as yours!!!

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      • Thank you! The trick is to not touch the wet areas until they are dry before you layer on more paint or you will get a bloom. I have learned this the hard way. 🙂

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  2. It looks wonderful to me, Jill. Really beautifully done. And the foreshortening there in that photo is not easy to do! I love this. Thanks for sharing it. 🙂

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  3. Beautifully painted, Next…mat and frame and hang on the wall to enjoy.

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  4. I like yours better than the photos. Also love the soft subtle background


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  5. It’s wonderful!! I didn’t say much yesterday as I was pretending not to see it yet! Hehe… this is fantastic Jill! It’s absolutely stunning and I love how it turned out! ❤️😃

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  6. Lovely rendition. N.

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  7. I think it looks a lot like the photo and is simply beautiful!

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