Leave It To Me – Part 1

I love fall and the leaves changing colors!  This has inspired me to do some experimental leaf printing.

In some ways, my finished piece looks a little like a map:

leaf print 1 - 4

I started by painting leaves from my yard with acrylic paint and then stamping them onto cold press 140 lb watercolor paper.  I then added some wax pastel crayons to the printed leaves and a little watercolor paint to my paper:

leaf print 1 - 1

I liked how this looks but wanted to add definition with a black pen – I used a Zig Writer 0.5 mm ink pen for outlining:

leaf print 1 - 2

I then added another layer of watercolor:

leaf print 1 - 4

And finished it by outlining the color changes with my black pen.

The colors feel like summer as it starts to change to fall.

Would love to know what you think!

Happy Creating!  🙂

20 responses to “Leave It To Me – Part 1

  1. You could get lost in this. Very rich in texture, color and detail. N.

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  2. Wow!! All the layers of different techniques and materials. Fabulously fun and beautiful You have such a gift Jill!

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  3. This is gorgeous, Jill. I’ve never tried leaf printing. You inspire me, my sweet! Have a wonderful weekend, Jill. 💛

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  4. Nicely done Jill, I’m just thrilled I have an iPad to be able to zoom in and enjoy all the detail and color of your beautiful art work. Thanks for posting the progression steps.

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  5. It has a beautiful batik-like look to it!

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  6. This is beautiful and inspiring! It does have a batik look!

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  7. I see several faces in this piece!


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  8. Oh, good! 😊 I’m happy you could see them too! I saw an elephant’s head in the top left hand corner too! 🐘🐘🐘


  9. I like the rich red purples and the line work….definitely feels like a fall inspired piece!


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