Crazy 8’s

The word of the day at is Ogdoad!  Do you know what it means?

The number 8!

I started a new online class with Carla Sonheim today called, “Fingerpainting – Fingerprinting.  I decided to create a color palette for my color journal that I previously showed you here.

And thinking of the Word of the Day, I decide to create 72 fingerprints (since it is divided by 8) for my color exploration:

fingerpainting color palette 1

I wrote down the acrylic paint colors I used on the right side.  I started with the yellow and then continued adding and mixing colors to it so the colors would relate to each other.  It was a fun exercise!

I also decided to create a few birds – with only 8 fingerprints for each bird:

the ogdoad birds

It looks like the reddish-pink (mama) bird is talking to the (blue-green) bird about it’s baby bird.  What do you think she is saying?

Now for the “crazy” part of my title!  I have been feeling a bit crazy tonight because the computer is having issues… so I am posting this late in the evening after a long day.  Always difficult to get back into the swing of things after a 3-day weekend!

Which reminds me of the card game I played as a kid called, “Crazy 8’s!”  Have you ever played it?

Oh, and it just so turns out that today – when I’m writing this is post is –  September 8th!  LOL!

Happy Creating!  🙂

20 responses to “Crazy 8’s

  1. Oh I remember Crazy 8’s!! I really can’t believe I missed all this bird a day events….where have I been….? I thought I was keeping up with it all…well I love all your birds!

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    • Every day is bird day in my opinion! LOL! I bet you could still do one, Rebecca! Let Laura know at Create Art Everyday that you’d like to participate – or you can wait until October. 😊 Glad you like my birds! 🐦


  2. How cute and creative. I remember playing crazy 8s as a child but can’t remember how to play. 😕Hope you are feeling better Jill!

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    • Thanks Jodi – was feeling a bit frazzled yesterday! Could you tell?! LOL! 😊 I’m not sure I remember how to play Crazy 8’s either. I googled it and discovered there are a ton of variations to the game. Don’t know why I’m telling you this… Thought it was interesting. 😏

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  3. Do you know Ed Emberley’s thumbprint books? My kids used to love to take an ink pad and make creatures like he did.

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  4. Used to love crazy 8s. I was the youngest of 8! :)) I also thought at first that these images could be delicate flowers. That’s what I thought of at first glance. I hope your PC issues get resolved, I know that can be frustrating. Have a good day, Jill!

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    • Really?! The youngest of 8 kids? Wow, Laura! I remember loving the game too but can’t quite remember how to play it now. Funny, that you thought my birds looked like flowers – our assignment was to do flowers but I ran out of time yesterday. And the computer is working, I just didn’t have much patience (That darn “P” word) with it last night! LOL! I missed my nap yesterday. 😏🐦🎨

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  5. Jill I think you are having way too much fun! Lol! Love your creative spirit.

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  6. Wow, that’s a lot of eights! I’m impressed! My sister and I once played a game of Crazy Eights for a couple days because the cards seemed not to want either of us to win. 🙂

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  7. Neat – finger painting, love it, Jill.

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  8. This is really nifty! And I do remember Crazy 8s…fun!

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  9. This is so cute, love the colors!!! The little one looks a little sad though. Maybe he´s had a bad day at kindergarten…

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  10. Thanks Ann! You made me laugh! 🙂


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