Quick Flower Sketches – Part 1

I decided to try a few quick sketches of flower arrangements in charcoal.

I like the simple lines of these Calla Lilies:

Charcoal - calla lilies

Or this mixed bouquet in a mason jar:

charcoal - mixed bouquet

I then finger painted a single red rose on black paper from my imagination:

rose fingerprint on black paper

Finger painting really makes me capture the “essence” of a flower.  I would not have tried this exercise if I wasn’t taking the Fingerpainting – Fingerprinting online class from Carla Sonheim!

And afterwards, I sketched it with charcoal:

charcoal - a rose

It was much easier to draw than paint!  And extra challenging to paint with my fingers… but it helped me to really SEE the shape and form of my flowers.

What is your favorite flower to draw or paint or buy?  I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Saturday!  :-)))

P.S.  I hope you stop by tomorrow to see my painting of Peonies and Orchids!

20 responses to “Quick Flower Sketches – Part 1

  1. That finger painting is extraordinary! Wow. Such a great exercise to capture essence. The sketches are beautiful too. Once again you blow me away with your vast talent!!

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    • Thank you sweet friend! ❤️ Do you have a favorite flower? 🌺 I love so many flowers. 😊

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      • I always have trouble picking favorite anythings – LOL! Like certain flowers are amazing for their scent – Lilacs, Hyacinths. Others for hanging baskets. Others for cutting for arrangements. Some for their beautiful simplicity in nature – daisies! Some for shade, some for sun. Perennials, annuals! sorry – can’t choose a fave!

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  2. These are great – the first two particularly appeal to me. So much captured in so few lines. 🙂

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  3. There is always so much energy in quick sketches! Your finger painted one is so pretty and impressionistic! You know why pastels is one of my favorite medium? It’s because I get into it with my fingers and smudge things around. The tactile aspect of it is what I love; it’s almost like making something 3D!

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  4. OMG I Love the top two! I see them drawn spontaneously like that in ink with a white background and bright colors for the flowers. Beautiful, Jill!

    My favorite flower is probably a viola (AKA Johnny Jump-up), but roses are almost tied for second place. I would love to be able to paint a viola or a pansy, but have never succeeded at this. I am finding florals so much fun to explore though. A source of never-ending inspiration!

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    • Thank you Laura! Sorry I’m late in replying today – we had such beautiful weather at the lake that we had to make the most of our day. 💙🐠

      I like your idea about my 2 flower sketches. 😊 And the pansy and viola are such happy flowers! Roses are so beautiful and symbolic. I think my favorite rose color was a peachy-pink my hubby gave me one year for our anniversary. Do you have a rose color you like especially well? ❤️

      I agree with you – flowers are so inspiring! Maybe you will add a creative bouquet to your art quilt! 😊🎨


  5. Thanks for sharing your quick sketches Jill. The color finger painting us awesome!

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  6. The charcoal drawings are simple but so “alive”, if that makes sense. And your finger painting is beautiful! I sometimes do art on my iPad and I use my finger and I’m wondering how similar the painting processes are. The actual finger painting is tactile and pressure sensitive that Im sure you get more subtle changes in color or texture. How dry fun!

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  7. I agree, Kari! The flower arrangements did seem to come alive with my simple lines. Do you have a favorite art app you like to use on your iPad? 😊🎨
    I found finger painting to be rather challenging in that very little paint stayed on my fingers – unlike a brush. So it was kind of frustrating. Yet, it really made me slow down and create more simply. Much like an IPad would be I imagine. Thank you for your comment. 😊


  8. Wow!! These are all so lovely Jill! I adore how you leap from one thing to the next and constantly turn out something awesome no matter the medium! 😎🎨I’m a fan! And I don’t have a favorite flower yet as I’ve only ever painted a sunflower, but you’re inspiring me to try more!!

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  9. I love all your sketchy flowers!

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