One Brushstroke

We are winding up our weekend trips to the lake.  I am running a bit behind today as we had a wonderful sunny weekend – so I tried to soak up a few rays, take a boat ride with my hubby and a couple of QUICK dips in the 64 degree lake water!  It helps that the air was 80 plus degrees!  :-))

I took some AWESOME fall lake photos with my camera!  YAY!  But I will post only a few today to go with my haiku.  I hope you enjoy!

Green leaves fade as Fall

Upclose of bush near John & Sue - 1

paints colors with one brush stroke –

Leaves changing on bush near Sue & John

Softly blending reds –

upclose of bush by John & Sue - 2

Have a happy fall day!  🙂

20 responses to “One Brushstroke

  1. Great feeling of transition. (K.)

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  2. Nice photos and poetry to go with them

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  3. beautiful! Happy beginning of Fall!

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  4. Photos are beautiful! I cannot imagine swimming in 64 degree water. That’s cold! My kids complain that the water is too cold if it’s below 80!

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  5. Lovely Jill, haiku is such an expressive poetic form. We are ready for fall and the colors that come with it.

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  6. Thanks for this wonderful transition to autumn! x

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  7. I love autumn! And now I love it even more!! Thanks for the beautiful segue Jill! 🍁🍂😃

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  8. Wonderful pictures, Jill!!! Happy fall to you! 🍁🍂🍃🌰🍄

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