Sunny Face – Part 2

Below is the abstract sunflower that I showed you yesterday:

sunflower - 3

I added some black pen to it today:

sunflower - 1

And finished it by adding some Prismacolor pencils:

sunflower complete

It looks like it is waving “hello!”

I found this quote on the internet:                                                                           Happiness blossoms where seeds of kindness have been thoughtfully planted.

Happy Creating!  🙂

29 responses to “Sunny Face – Part 2

  1. This would brighten anyone’s day. Delightful.

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  2. Oh Wow! It did turn out awesome! And it DOES look like it is waving! Happiness!!! 🙂

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  3. This is simply a fun picture!

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  4. Jill!!! I love this!! 💜🎨And it DOES look like its waving…that makes it even more awesome! I almost waved back. 😊

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  5. Beautiful Jill! I LOVE seeing your sunny art every – single – day!! Thank you!

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  6. It does look like it’s waving and that’s a great quote. Woo for beautiful mixed media art!! :)))

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  7. A happy ending for your beautiful sunflower. Thanks for posting the entire transition. Have a happy day!

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  8. Thanks for the morning smile. (K.)

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  9. Very cute! I love the quote! It’s perfect for the piece!

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  10. I have been following your art pieces and I just love them. I know I don’t always comment but I am looking. I just love this!

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  11. Really nice, I enjoyed seeing the steps. The quote is perfect.

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  12. Love seeing how you build this up. It’s so rich ~ and full of fall. xo

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  13. Seriously awesome! It was already but the black made it pop!

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  14. Love your sunflower, especially the thousands of seeds in the middle!!! And of course that it´s waving so friendly. 😊 What a cute sunflower!!! 🌻

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