A Collage of Sorts

My hubby and I had an AWESOME summer at the lake!  We closed up this weekend for the season and brought everything home.

In between MANY loads of laundry, I wrote a poem and finished it with this collage below:

laundry collage - finish

Beach towels and bath towels,                                                                                 A growing mountain, oh my!                                                                                      I exhale in one very, very LOUD sigh!

Shorts and sweat pants –                                                                                         For hot and cold days…                                                                                          Can I go outside now and just play?!

Swimsuits and bike shorts –                                                                                     To retire for the season,                                                                                              I feel a bit blue now for some silly reason.

Jackets and sweatshirts –                                                                                     We’ll wear this fall,                                                                                                  The piles are spreading out into the hall!

Blankets and bed sheets –                                                                                         To wash and store away,                                                                               Thankful for their warmth, I do have to say!

Undies and socks –                                                                                                         And T-shirts so numerous…                                                                                       If this was a joke, it would be rather humorous!

Old blue jeans –                                                                                                    Comfy and worn,                                                                                                         A little mending for the ones that are torn.

Dress shirts and slacks –                                                                                       Work clothes we wear,                                                                                        These sometimes take a little extra care.

Jammies and night shirts –                                                                                           I think I’m about done,                                                                                                 I hope you enjoyed my laundry day fun!

Happy Creating!  :-)))


37 responses to “A Collage of Sorts

  1. Wow you really captured so much about our clothes and the seasons all in there! The collage is a beautiful compliment to the poem!! I love the colors, vibrant but also still holds that Fall feeling….at least for me

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  2. Love the poem and lively colors waking me up this morning, Jill! :)))) you and I were both doing load after load of laundry yesterday, as I was (finally) prewashing alllllll my quilt fabric. I bet if we all did that……we’d be in the laundry room for eons! Happy even more creative weekends for your fall! 🙂

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  3. Turning life (or rather laundry!) into art ~ wonderful xo

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  4. Enjoyed your poem and your collage with my morning coffee , thank you.

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  5. Haha! Glad you could turn your chore into creativity! We all benefitted today. Funny poem and fabulous collage. You have a great sense of humor Jill.

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  6. And THIS is why I love you Jill!! ❤️😃You can even take something like laundry day and turn it into a double work of art!! Amazing!! Well done friend!!

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  7. I like what Charlie said! Laundry can be such a drudgery and you’ve elevated it to an art! 🙂

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  8. Wow, you´re so incredibly creative!!! This looks so cool, and the poem is great too!!! I´m impressed! 😊💛

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  9. Hey Jillie,
    The poem is so priceless for this time of year for lake lovers and campers. It’s always sad and blue to close for the season but you have all the beautiful memories, pictures and art. Love the Sunflowers and fall leaves. I am particularly drawn to fhe flower drawings! Love, Pam

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  10. Had a smile at the vision of all your clothes spread out for sorting, and the jumble of clothes in the collage is a lovely back drop to the poem. Now you can sit back down and get into your art again. Happy crafting to you…

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  11. Giggles :-D! I love your ode to mega laundry day and the lovely accompanying collage!

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  12. Delightful poem and beautiful collage. The two combined make for happy memories and a positive outlook…even if it is laundry. ;D

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  13. Love it. We live in a little lake town and enjoy it a lot.

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  15. Jill to enjoy laundry would be rare for me, but I did enjoy your bright and cheerful poem and art.

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  16. Really lovely to stumble upon. Thank you, both poem and artwork are really fun. Love you style, love your dedication to your blog. Thanks for the brightly coloured inspiration. ❤

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