Fall Fruit

I decided to pick some fall fruit for a watercolor still life:

Pear and apple photo

So I chose a pear and an apple!

Here is the first layer of paint:

1st layer of paint

The apple looks a bit like a tomato…

So I added more paint:

Layer 2

Pretty frustrated with the apple… maybe I should take a bite out of it and be done with it!Β  LOL!

So I added some shadows and background and overworked my fruit a bit more:

completed fruit

Not my best work… but the pear was really good for dinner on a spinach salad!

Happy Painting or Eating!Β  :-)))

35 responses to “Fall Fruit

  1. Happy painting then happy eating is the key. This is lovely, thank you for sharing.

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  2. I’ve been drawing my dinner ingredients; painting is a bit more of a challenge than I’m ready for at the moment. I like the simplicity of your images. (K.)

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  3. Pretty sure if I tried this it would turn out like a ball and a lopsided triangle! I’ll just keep admiring your work. πŸ™‚

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  4. I love the apple! I’d say it is very well done, Jill! I think maybe another layer for the pears to deepen their shadows. Just my opinion, and what do I know. Hehe! Glad you enjoyed your dinner! Happy Tuesday, friend! πŸ’›

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    • Thanks Laura! I watched a video on how to do it first and the person made it look so easy… But when I tried it, it was NOT easy. I was also pushed for time. I decided to add so color pencils to it afterwards – will post it later in the week. I’m liking the changes I made to it! :-)))

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      • Good! Oh yeah, those people drive me crazy sometimes. Very rarely, they explain it to the point that you can do ok with those videos, but they can be frustrating to try and follow! And for me – usually being pushed for time will kill art. Father Time is an art killer! hehe I really love the apple though, Jill. I think it’s pretty amazing, actually.

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      • I told my hubby we were eating leftovers because I had to paint! lol! He didn’t mind. :-)))

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  5. These are delicious Jill! πŸ˜‰β€οΈGreat painting! I only tried fruit once I stunk at it, so I’ll have to try it again. I found you sort of have to over-exaggerate the darks to get them to have the volume our eyes see.

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  6. I like your subtle color layering. Painting fruit is a good way to practice watercolor. And, you get to eat the models. Beautiful art, Jill.

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  7. I think it is a beautiful classical looking still life. Bravo Jill – and HOW YUMMY does that salad sound?!!! πŸ™‚

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  8. So nice to see the progression. Love the soft autumnal yellows and oranges and reds. Lovely, Jill.

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  9. Great art and food!


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  10. I like your layering. The colors are soft. Apples and pears can be a challenge to paint. I know they are for me!

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  11. I have an artist friend whose favorite painting subject is the pear…she must have painted hundreds of them. LOL! Your painting has such beautiful, warm colors! I want to reach into your painting and grab them to take a bite! πŸ™‚

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  12. Your handling of watercolor is really really nice, and yummy!

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  13. Lovely soft colours. Watercolour is so hard to control you have done well. I tried, but failed, now I prefer water colour pencils, more control…

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    • I like color pencils too but every now and then I like to torture myself with watercolors! It always amazes me how some people can make WC painting look so easy. Every now and then one of mine turns out that I like. In fact, I changed this painting by adding Prismacolor pencils to it. Do you have a specific brand of color pencils that you enjoy using? 🎨😊❀️


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  15. I really like this one, itΒ΄s a beautiful still life! And spinach salad with pear sounds delicious!!! Have to try that out! Thanks for sharing it, Jill!!! πŸ’š

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  16. Hi Jill, I hadn’t seen these two before I saw what you ended up doing to them. But now I have, I say: this was a pretty picture on its own. You were being hard on yourself. The result after you put the pencil on though, is even better. So good for you for pushing it further. πŸ™‚

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