What Do You Love?!

I finally got a few moments to START Lynn Whipple’s new online class, WORD PLAY!  I love playing with words so I know this class will be a so FUN!

I created this in an old dictionary using white chalk paint, water soluble wax pastels, Tombow markers and pencil:

I love art - wordplay for Lynn's class

If you could choose one or two WORDS, what do you love?

I would love to hear from you!  🙂

Happy Saturday!

36 responses to “What Do You Love?!

  1. Beautiful, Jill! COLOR COLOR I think would be mine lol. What a cool idea. Have a wonderful weekend, friend!

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  2. Discovering joy ❤️

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  3. Hi Jill – I like your choice of supplies. I’d pick art as my word too. Fun design!

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  4. Very clever. Hmmm…for me…glory, joy, grace…these words are never far from my heart and mind.

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  5. Catherine Johnson

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  6. Life. That says it all. (K)

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  7. That is such a cool way to make art and I think you chose the perfect words for you! (Mine would be food and sleep…LOL!)

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  8. Jill’s mind!


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  9. Sketching and Chocolate! Fun to work on printed text!

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  10. This is awesome Jill! Love THIS! ❤️😃 One or two words? Hmmm… Shadow & Light!

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  11. God’s creation. The greatest art every created, which inspires us to imitate it. 🙂

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  12. I love your use of the dictionary pages! Mine would be art and music!

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  13. I love art, too! And I love this and you. ; )

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  14. Mine would be Creating Art. 😊 Love your little creation here, especially that cute little bird!!! 🐥💕

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  15. Jill I have two slogans I live by, I even made them into magnets. 1. Art is my Therapy. 2. Nature is my therapy. I love both.

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