I Need to Pare Down

OK, I’m back to pears… here is a red and yellow one:

red and yellow pear photo

I decided to draw them with a black pen and color them in primary colors – with water soluble OIL pastels:

a pare of pears

I over emphasized the shadows this time (thanks Charlie for the tip!) which helped give them shape.

As I was picking up my house today, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the “stuff” I have accumulated.  I really need to “pare” down!  🙂

So I decided to help motivate myself, I need to make it fun – like the laundry post I did last week, which you can see here.  My goal is to write a weekly post about my progress in a creative way.  Maybe you will have some creative solutions to share too!

Happy Creating!  🙂

22 responses to “I Need to Pare Down

  1. Delicious looking pears, nicely done.

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  2. he he….you are “punny” and never enough pears!! never!

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  3. I agree! I think I need to blog less to create more! Looking forward to your progress, Jill. Pretty pears!

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  4. I was just reading about pears this morning in the Martha Stewart Living Magazine…those look like an Anjou and a Bartlett! 🙂 Great tip on the shadows from Charlie! You painted some luscious pears!

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  5. Hi Jill – lovely colorful pears.
    Accumlating is inevitable for us artists. I have no magic bullet, but every month I go through the growing creative accumulation and “weed” out what I don’t want.
    Also, if blogging everyday becomes overwhelming, give yourself a break and cut down the days. It’s all suppose to fun not stressful, right!😻 sometimes three days is almost to much for me (lol).
    Have a great day Jill!

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    • Hi Sharon! I appreciate your suggestions! I think some days I get overwhelmed and I just need to take a step back or in my case today – go sailing! I have never been sailing but I have always wanted to try it so was very happy to be invited to go with friends today. I worry about letting people who follow me down if I don’t post every day… I know this is probably silly. Just need to figure out a balance. 🙂

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  6. Awesome pears! I need to pare down too. But cleaning is not nearly as fun as other things.

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  7. Yay!!!!! Love these!! They look juicy and very dimensional! ❤️😃🎨 Daily blogging is rough…do it when your muse strikes! You are still required to create each day though…hehe… you’re too awesome at it! But just do what you love!! And that’s why we love you! 😉

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  8. Lovely pears! I love wine-braised pears with a drizzle of chocolate. Yummy!

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  9. The pears here haven’t been ready for eating yet…soon I hope.
    And cleaning…I’m doing that too. It is amazing how much seems to be hanging around. Looking forward to your chroncicles! (K.)

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