A Galumph

Perhaps you have seen an aloof Galumph?

My Galumph bird

But probably not an orange-breasted Galumph!

I haven’t created one of my imaginary birds in awhile from the word of the day:

galumph – (verb) to move along heavily and clumsily

If you’d like to see more of my imaginary birds, you can find them under the category on the right of “word birds” or here.

Some Mondays I feel like a galumph, how about you?

Happy Creating!  🙂

34 responses to “A Galumph

  1. So much fun! A smile for Monday morning, always necessary. (K.)

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  2. Oh I LOVE your imaginary birds! YAY for bringing it back! This one is adorable. And yes – I feel galumph today. I need one more day in my weekend! 🙂

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  3. Fun word and a fun picture to go with it. 🙂

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  4. Love it, Jill and a perfect word to match the bird! Love his little hat!

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  5. That is one cool bird Jill!! I love it! The word is fun too. I think there need to be more orange-breasted galumphs in the world! ❤️😃

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  6. Thank for a good LOL this morning. Mr. Galumphis quite handsome in his clumsy way. An imaginary word bird might be a fun challenge for all of us?

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  7. What a nice start to the day seeing your bird. Love the bird and the word. Especially those feet!

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  8. Catherine Johnson

    This is fabulous and funny and I love the use of book page. 😃

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  9. Such personality coming through on this one, Jill.

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  10. I AM a galumph! Love your cute one…


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  11. I definitely feel like a galumph! Getting my kids up for school was torture after 5 days off from school!

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  12. Your imaginary birds are oodles of fun! I got up extra early this morning (well, early for me), so I’m galumphing about for sure today. 😀 I love your font, too!

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  13. Oh that is fun, love the name too!

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  14. I really like it – it’s so different and special looking. Well done!!!

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  15. It’s cute ! It needs a bikini wax , though. ROFL 😉

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  16. Delightful start to the day. Thank you for sharing such a happy galumphing piece. ;D

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  17. I am so impressed by this one!!! This is so funny, and creative, and again such a cool idea! Thanks for sharing, Jill!!! 😊

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