Dazzling Dahlias

My neighbor grows beautiful Dahlias:

dahlia growing

I was inspired by Rachel Murphree who does such beautiful watercolors to try painting one today.  Be sure to check out Rachel’s blog here.  She also sells her amazing paintings!

My neighbor let me clip a few flowers for a vase.  Unfortunately, Jack Frost had started to nip some of the flower blooms but I still thought they were stunning:

Dahlia in vase

Sorry the photo is  a bit small but I had to crop out the tuna can sitting on the kitchen counter…lol!

I started by sketching my subject with a black micron pen:

Dahlia sketched with black pen

I tried to stay loose and not over think it.

I then added 2 layers of watercolors – here is the finished painting:

dahlia in watercolors completed

My colors aren’t as bright as the actual flowers but I decided I liked it this way.  It was fun to “Doodlewash” it!  If you don’t know about Doodlewashing – check out Charlie’s blog!

Happy Painting!  🙂

42 responses to “Dazzling Dahlias

  1. You brought life back to a beautiful specimen of nature!! I love the line work

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  2. I like the soft colors too. (K.)

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  3. Oh, you are so funny, Jill…the tuna can…lol!
    However, I do like the end result.

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  4. Jill , wow! You have painted s dazzling dahlia. I do hope you’ll frame this gorgeous painting.

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  5. Wow! That is really good! 🙂

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  6. Gorgeous doodlewash my friend!! ❤️😃 I rather like that you kept it softer, and the glass looks amazing!!! Nice work!!

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  7. Jill, this is beautiful!! You are really really good at flowers! I do hope you visit the florist when you can’t find any outside and keep painting them for us!! Gorgeous!

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  8. I LOVE it! The muted colors make it more dreamy, I think.

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  9. I really like doodle wash!


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  10. This is really beautiful!

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  11. WOWSERS! I am always amazed at your talent JILLY!!! Beautiful!

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  12. Catherine Johnson


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  13. I like you sketch and then the loose wash of watercolor compliments it.

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  14. Beautiful! I wish I could get the hang of the paper, gentle colors you achieved here. I love those but I keep ending up with bright and vivid. Lol. Great flowers!

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  15. Both the ink sketch and the watercolor are beautiful. Love the way you kept it loose and layered your color washes. Very lovely.

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  16. Wow, this is beautiful!!! Love your loose style! 💕

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  17. This is just beautiful.

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