A List of Likes

I don’t know about you but I’m a “List Maker.”  I like creating lists because a) I have a poor memory and b) I like crossing things off my lists – as a feeling of accomplishing something – even if it is rather small.

The list I created here was a different kind of LIST.  It was an art form!

I created a list of what gives me JOY in an old book of names:

Jill's Joyful list in book

Sorry the light isn’t very good…

Here is a better photo:

Jill's Joys - painting in book

I started with while chalk paint and wrote into the wet paint with a pencil.  After it dried I added a dab of this and that to complete my list:

My Joyful List in book

Of course I have more likes than what is on this list!  Perhaps I will have to make another “painted” list…

This was a lesson in the Word Play Painting online art class with the fabulous, Lynn Whipple!

I would love to hear what brings you JOY!  🙂

Happy List Making!

24 responses to “A List of Likes

  1. Art and Color and Colorful Friends – even better! :)))) Love your joyful art today, Jill!

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  2. Very artful list!

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  3. Now that’s the way to make a list and get things done. You are so creative Jill. I can’t wait to see what you will come up with next. Thanks for brightening my morning!

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  4. This is awesome Jill! This is lovely!! Love how your hubby came in 2nd place. LOL But yeah, creating art is at the top of my list as well! Also food and wine… they are pretty important and would definitely make my list! 😉

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  5. I love lists for the same reason though I often forget to make them because of my bad memory. LOL! It’s a great idea to artfully list your joys!

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  6. I make lists, too. How wonderful to reuse old books this way. Gesso comes in handy. Thanks for the peek inside your journal. Wishing you lots of joy always! What a great idea – to list our joys. We should all do that.

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  7. Fun looking list, love the use of the book…so creative!

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  8. Oh, I saw this here yesterday already and I just thought: WOW!!! Love the colors, the little drawings, the writing – it´s all together really pure joy!!! Your art is always so full of positive energy! Thanks for sharing it!!! 🌞💕


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