Set The Table

I served up this haiku for you as part of my Word Play painting class with Lynn Whipple:

haiku dish in book

And here is the haiku:

set the table haiku in book

It says:  Set the table soon, Mother too restless sometimes, Prepared dishes work.

I used an old book and created the haiku with the words written on the page.  Challenging but fun!  🙂

It reminded me of all the times my mother would tell me to set the table for dinner and how I whined about it.  As an adult, I now realize all the work that went into the delicious meal mom made…setting the table was definitely the easy part.

It’s funny how art can trigger memories of our past.

This haiku also reminded me of an online art class I took last November in 2014 from Diane Culhane called, “Table Top Drawing and Painting.”  A very fun class!  One of our assignments was to draw our table settings, such as this one:

Lesson 1 - 1

I hope to do more of these drawings since the holidays will be coming up soon!

Happy Creating!  🙂

30 responses to “Set The Table

  1. Brilliant and inspires creative fun. Thank you for sharing this.

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  2. I really enjoy setting the table…cleaning pots and pans on the other hand…
    The haiku is really fun. As you may have noticed, I like word games like this too. I recently did a haiku by picking words out of a recipe, which would fit a table setting very well. And the simple lines of the place setting explain everything. (K.)

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  3. Way to go, Jill! Challenging assignment for writing and sketching, and you did it! Happy Weekend to You! :))))

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  4. Oh, nice poetry and interesting concept. Stretching those creative muscles!

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  5. I love the memories your art conjured up. That is what cookiing and baking does for me. 🙂

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  6. Sooo true! Setting the table is the easiest part. When my older son is late coming in for a meal, my husband will say, “tell you what, next time, you cook dinner while I sit around and read my emails.” 😀 Cool haiku art!

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  7. This is so cool, such an easy, yet brilliant and creative idea!!! Thanks for sharing it, Jill!!! 💕You´re an inspiration!!! 😊

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  8. The stuff of everyday life can make our best creative ideas happen. Setting the table is a loving thing to do. A task that happens several times a day. Your thoughtful haiku brings back many memories for me too. 🍴

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  9. Nice!! Love hearing your stories and the art and haiku is wonderful!! ❤️😃

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  10. Such imagination and creativity, loved it…

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