Pear Chutney

Did you know that chutneys are of East Indian origin?  I love to make them for their mix of sweet and sour ingredients.

The October issue of Cooking Light magazine has a delicious looking “Pear Chutney” recipe that I’d like to try.  They suggest serving their recipe with the bread, naan.  I also like to serve chutneys with pork chops and chicken.  How about you?

I started creating this pear doodle recently:

3 doodle pears - 1 done

It reminds me a little of a chutney – a “mixture” of patterns and lines.

I like the shapes too.  The first one has a typical pear shape and looks rather “sweet.”  The next 2 pears add a little “spice.”  What do you think?

It is a work in process so I will post the completed piece when I get it done.

Happy Creating!  🙂

37 responses to “Pear Chutney

  1. It’s so funny – just yesterday I saw something similar with an animal and got reminded that we did something like that in school, and I felt I should try that out again. Your pear looks very nice!

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  2. I think you are an artistic genius !!!!

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  3. Catherine Johnson

    Love your pears and chutney. I might try making it too.

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  4. Good morning Jill, I’m very fond of chutneys. I particularly like anything with tamarind.
    Your pear design is coming along nicely. I like the design just as it is. too.
    Have a creative day Jill.

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  5. I love it just as it is also! It is really amazing, Jill! Love how the pear shape changes and your “doodles” are art. Period. Beautiful!

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  6. These are awesome Jill!! ❤️😃I love your lines…they’re so beautiful! Can’t wait to see what happens next, friend!

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  7. I love your pears. I think I’m going try something like this with my students. Not sure if grade ones can handle this but you never know till you try.

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  8. I adore your funky “chutney”! A Bangladeshi friend made us the most amazing apple chutney with apples from our trees one year. I’d ask for her recipe but she probably just wings it, so I’ll have to look up how to in my Indian cookbook. 🙂

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  9. Love these! The design and shape. I also love chutney. I am Australian very popular there and in the UK

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  10. Jill love this, what a stunning art piece. Your art always sparks my creative mind and I want to drop the daily domestics and pick up my pens. But today i can’t and so I will soak up your wonderful art instead.

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  11. well that is true crreativity and having an eye for beauty…to see this beautiful drawing in a chutney recipe! xo Johanna

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  12. Love your sketch :-). Curious to see how it progresses. But the version so far is really cool. Glad you took a picture. Any chance you would sell me a small print of the current version for less than $20?

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  13. Yay! I just had this feeling it would look perfect in my dining room. I’ll send you an e-mail.


  14. Like your use of line in your pear doodle.

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  15. Love chutney, particularly fond of mango chutney with vegetarian curry. (This talk is making me hungry ;D). Also love your pear doodles, they are beautiful, they have a wonderful title and look ready to be framed and hung on a wall. Thank you for sharing.

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