The Eckhouts

Have you ever created an imaginary family tree?

watercolor tree

I was creating this watercolor tree for another project but thought it fit well in this post.

Here is the Eckhout family:

funny pictures of a family

I made up their names and could probably write a story about them – BUT!  I thought it would be more FUN to have YOU tell me about them!   :-)))

Hope you join in the fun and share your humorous stories in the comment section.

Happy Storytelling!  🙂

30 responses to “The Eckhouts

  1. How fun!! Love the characters you created….they look like they have stories to tell!!

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  2. Catherine Johnson

    Fun faces, Jill. I think the cat belongs to Sandy and Uncle Arthur is cross with Jasper.

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  3. They have loud and boisterous dinners, with many conversations occurring at the same time. The cat joins in when appropriate. (K)

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  4. Sandy wants everyone to believe she is the perfect daughter and wife, but Amy knows all the secrets! Uncle Arthur always stirs up trouble, and poor Jasper is often the brunt of his jokes. Brian dreams of being a major league baseball pitcher, but with Uncle John as his coach, that pipe dream goes up in smoke. Susie secretly thinks she is a cat – catwoman – and spot just wants a simple can of tuna.

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  5. Spot looks a bit scared of his housemates and I wanna know why! Lol! I like Jodi’s story. 💛💛💛

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  6. Love these characters Jill!! ❤️😃 I like Jodi’s story! Hehe…that’s fun. Hmmm…what comes to mind for me? Brian and Amy have been married for several years now, and Brian secretly wants to be a painter but Amy simply won’t allow it as she insists they would never have enough money to care for their “special girl” Sandy who, though sweet, still insists she has a pet unicorn. Uncle Arthur and Uncle John have been living together for years and though they maintain they’re “just good pals” the family is well aware of their romance. Susie and Jasper were never able to have kids…well Susie wanted them, but knew there was no way to ensure they favored her. Jasper is smart and sweet, but his unusually shaped head, if bestowed on their child, would cause a horrible childhood of taunts and ridicule. Susie always wanted a dog, and after asking again and again, Jasper came home with a cat instead. (She was livid to think that someone with such large ears could be so deaf to her true desires). So she took the cat, but kept the name she’d been reserving for her perceived puppy. The cat, like their potential child, is ironically still the subject of taunts and ridicule.

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  7. Oh Jill, this is hysterical! I do like Jodi’s story too. I think Spot is the holder of the family secrets. And, everyone is afraid he is going to spill the secrets, so he gets all the tuna he wants. 🐟

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  8. Glenmar Fullmer

    I’m thinking….


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  9. Fun and funny family tree! 😀 I laughed reading some of the speculations!

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  10. Jill I think the cat is the boss, just like in our mad family.

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  11. That is fun! Yes why not an imaginary family tree.. Like the illustrated people too

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  12. It was the cat who dunnit!….oh, wait, wrong story. ;D Love your imaginary family tree and all the contributed stories…wonderfully entertaining and delightful. Thank you for this.

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  13. Such fun stories. I think Sandy is an elementary school teacher and Spot is her cat. Brian likes birds. Uncle Arthur and Uncle John own a moving company. One day Uncle John is ill so Brian helps Uncle Arthur move Sandy’s stuff. Amy is Sandy’s sister and she loves to gossip. Amy has many interesting guests come to her house. Jasper and Susie are married and live across the street from Amy. They like to spy on her and her interesting guests with their telescope.

    Thanks for the awesome drawings and sparking many stories :-).

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