The Eckhouts – My Story…

Remember my “characters” from yesterday?

funny pictures of a family

Well, here is MY story about them:

Uncle Aurther is married to Sandy but Sandy does not like being called, “Aunt” as it makes her feel old.  (BTW, Uncle Aurther is a terrible speller, his REAL name is Uncle Albert!)  Uncle Albert likes to hum along to Paul McCartney’s song!  When this happens, (Aunt) Sandy puts on her happy face and starts knitting.  (I’m so sorry Uncle Albert…)  😉

Uncle John loves to tell jokes such as this one…  Q:  What side of a cat has the most spots?  A:  The outside!  hahaha!!!

Jasper is Uncle John’s son.  Jasper plays a mean accordion!  Sometimes they play a party gig together.  Everyone thinks they are so talented!

Jasper is a bit odd with his big ears and all but Amy finds him very attractive.  They eventually meet at a Karoke Bar and fall instantly in love!  They are married in just 3 months by Jasper’s sister, Susie – who LOVES cats!

Susie has a kind heart and takes in MANY, many stray cats.  (Meowwww!)  Brian lives next door to Susie and he is allergic to cats – oh, dear!  But Brian thinks Susie is the “cat’s meow” so he buys stock in Claritin and becomes a very RICH man!  $$$$

Spot is one of Susie’s MANY cats.  Spot becomes a famous “light” in Susie’s life and with a “Spot-light” Susie too becomes very wealthy.

Eventually, Susie and Jasper meet and marry.  They are currently celebrating their 9 lives together (I mean anniversaries!)

May you find humor in your family tree!

Happy Storytelling!  🙂

26 responses to “The Eckhouts – My Story…

  1. Now you need to expand it into a graphic novel! (K)

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  2. Fun and entertaining. Thank you for sharing.

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  3. Catherine Johnson

    Very funny, Jill!

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  4. Awwww nine lives together….love! :)))) Happy Tuesday, Jill!

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  5. This is absolutely delightful and I love who you crate characters by only a few strokes of your pencil…wonderful! xo Johanna

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  6. This is awesome Jill!! A wonderful story! Particularly the part about meeting Ina Karaoke Bar… Hehe… Love it!!❤️😃

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  7. You had me chuckling all the way through your story (I think you meant Susie marries Brian, not Jasper, in that last paragraph)! Thanks for entertaining us with art and story!

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  8. How fun! You should do a whole illustrated story!!

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  9. Hahaha! I love this silly family!

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  10. The real story behind the characters :-). A stray cat lover, a Claritin millionaire, an accordion player…

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  11. I just love this picture, it´s so great!!!

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