It’s A Real Hoot!

Today is “Draw A Bird Day,” that Laura at Create Art Everyday has continued as an art challenge on the 8th of each month.  Any medium is acceptable and all bloggers are welcome to participate.  I encourage you to do so!  🙂

I wanted to create something a little different for my bird.  Since it is the month of October, I decided on an owl.

I started by drawing the outline of my owl with a Zig writer pen and coloring it with Neocolor wax pastels:

Owl in neocolor - 1

I used a photo reference from a beautiful book I purchased from Amazon called, “Owls,” by Marianne Taylor.  It has “owl-mazing” color photographs in it!  I chose my own color palette of course…

I softened my neocolors with water and added white highlights to the eyes with a gel pen:

My wild owl completed

Lots of color!  Just what I like – it’s a real hoot, don’t you think?!

Happy Bird Day!  🙂

34 responses to “It’s A Real Hoot!

  1. Wise, yet knowing. (K)

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  2. Catherine Johnson

    I love it! What a hoot!

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  3. It IS a real hoot, Jill! I love it! You work wonders with those Neocolors! So glad you joined us this month! Hoothoot! 😀😘🎨👏👍🍂🍁

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  4. What a great owl you made, Jill! Really love your color work and the way you rendered this guy. Those eyes!! They’re my favorite. Nicely done! ❤️❤️😃🎨

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  5. Your hooty owl is marvelous Jill. We love color!!!!
    Have a great day.

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  6. Made me smile. Nicely done. 🙂

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  7. And those big eyes~ how wise!

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  8. His eyes sparkle! I just love owls…and yours is adorable!

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  9. A Hoot and and a Rootin Tootin Beauty!

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  10. It is!!! Beautiful colors! You´re so free in your art, that´s really admirable! ❤️💜💙💚💛

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  11. Beautiful! Love the face, quite the charmer ;D

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  12. What a marvelously colorful owl :-)! And such beautiful, sweet eyes.

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