3 Wild Pears!

Remember my pear doodles?  If not, you see my beginning here.

Well, I got all three done recently:

Pear Doodle without shading

Don’t they look totally WILD!  🙂

I am “Pear-fectly pleased how they turned out!

I still want to do some shading with pencil to add to their dimension but I was so excited to get them done, I had to show you!

I thought you might enjoy seeing my favorite paper that I like for creating my doodles:

my favorite doodle paper

It comes in different sizes and I think you can get it cheaper at Dick Blick online.  I got this one at my local art supply store.

The pens I used for this doodle are Zig Writer and Micron.

I would love to know what you think about it!

Happy Creating!  🙂

33 responses to “3 Wild Pears!

  1. Psychedelic! You could make it totally abstract and fill it with bright colors.
    But I like the contrast of the black and white. It really brings out the texture. (K)

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  2. Love them Jill! I want to be you for just a day and absorb some of that creativity !!

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  3. They have such a groovy seventies atmosphere too…great work! xo Joahnna

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  4. Catherine Johnson


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  5. Funky coolness! Love it! I also love when artists show what they use for their work, so thanks for sharing that!

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  6. My guess it would have been very relaxing to do these. Very nice, love the shapes of the pears. Thanks for the information on the paper. Did not know it was on the market.

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  7. Yay!!! Those pears looks great Jill! They are super WILD and super wonderful!! 😃😃😃❤️🎨

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  8. My sister loves this kind of stuff! So neat!

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  9. This looks totally great!!! I hope you will frame it, it sure deserves a frame! 💛

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  10. Wonderful designs Jill. I’m sure you will be drawing more. 🍐🍊🍓

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  11. They remind me of zentangle which I love! I usually use Bristol paper for must of my dry media work which also include all my zentangled.. Love your pears.

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  12. I love them!!!!! How wonderful!! I doodle things like that sometimes, but they never turn out quite so well… Simply marvelous!

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  13. Love this! I was extremely intrigued when you had only completed the first one–and it was awesome all by itself. I really like the Zentangle technique–I just haven’t been still enough or patient enough to really invest the time and energy. I do love to look at it when others do it, however. I can always pause to admire a great Zentangle! 🙂

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    • Thank you Jill! So glad you like it! 😊 I’m amazed how meditative it is to do these doodles or Zentangles. I find it helps me to slow down and relax. For me it is fun to experiment by creating my own patterns by what I observe around me. 🎨🌈


  14. Fantastic. Love the pears, love the designs, love the black and white.

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  15. Thank you Haunani! 😊


  16. Very interesting and cool! I like the line work in the drawing.

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