Swirls of Fall

I recently purchased a set of Rembrandt Soft Pastels.  I have never done much with soft pastels so I wanted to experiment with them in my sketchbook.

I really enjoyed using watercolor with them:

orange swirls with soft pastels and wc

The swirls of color reminded me of some photos I took after a frost:

Yellow Dahlia in fall

Like this Dahlia – I love the brilliant blue sky next to the golden color!

The simplicity of the following design:

swirls in red, green & purple

Reminded me of the swirling breath of Jack Frost as it freezes whatever lies in its path:

pink dahlia after frost

The beauty of these Dahlias still takes my breath away!

The circles in this design:

circles with soft pastels and watercolor

Reminded me of this bird bath:

Charlie's Bird bath

A simple design of endless love I have for nature.

May you notice the beautiful shapes in nature’s handiwork today!

Happy Fall!  🙂

24 responses to “Swirls of Fall

  1. Catherine Johnson

    I love what you did with them, Jill. I have pastels and oil pastels and never know what to do with them.

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  2. I like how you have simplified the use of the pastels into these organic shapes.

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  3. such beauty in the simplicity! love the way you look at things Jilly!

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  4. I just love taking a little walk through your wonderful imagination Jill! What a fun journey. Fabulous sketches and I’m just a huge fan of the way you “see!”

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  5. These are lovely, Jill. The first one reminds me of some of the images in my media library, especially that pointy curl. Like a shadow! I also like your in-season Fall blog header!
    As to pastels, I have a set of oil pastels ‘tho haven’t used them for many years. They sit on top of the sketchbook. I found they felt like using oily crayons and somewhat hard to maneuvre, but did get some things on paper, eventually!

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    • Thank you Janina! Nice to hear your observations. 😊 I imagine you could take some of these Dahlia photos and use your creativity to make something really cool with them! 🎨💖 I’m not a big fan of the oil pastels but I’m liking the soft ones. 😄


      • Re the Dahlia photos, that’s a good idea, but I’ll see if I can photograph them directly with my D80 then transfer to my cellphone for some ‘creative’ effort. I’ll let you know when that happens (not sure when they’re in season here). Cheers!

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  6. Your practice swirls, curls, circles and images have my mind swimming with creative ideas. Thank you Jodi. I love your experimentation.

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  7. We are having fun in our journals! Happy Fall images and colors ~~~

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  8. Gosh, I love your abstract play with the pastels! Really evokes moods and emotions from relaxed to playful. I have neglected my pastels for a while; maybe I should dust them off and have some fun with them. 🙂

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  9. Beautiful color play!

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