A New Variety

I decided to try drawing with thread today:

pear contour with thread

It is a pear stitched with variegated thread on black felt using my sewing machine.

As I started stitching it, I got the idea to try stitching deli-printed gelli prints over the felt.  The above pear is actually the back side of my experiment:

sewn pear with gelli prints

Since I was using black as my background, I used yellow colored paper for my shadow.  It looks rather Halloweenie, don’t you think?!

This whole experiment started from my sketchbook this morning:

pears - 2

As part of my assignment for week 2 with Cat Bennett for “Sketchbooks: Making Art A Practice.”   I loved how the lines looked for the blind contour.  I only looked at the pear and not my paper while I drew it.  This gave me the idea of stitching with thread.

I hope you aren’t tired of pears yet!  I found a list of 10 varieties in the USA online:  Green Anjou, Red Anjou, Bosc, Comice, Bartlett, Red Bartlett, Concorde, Seckel, Forelle and Starkrimson.  Some I had never heard of!

Happy Experimenting!  🙂

34 responses to “A New Variety

  1. You are so amazing! So creatively amazing! Love this.

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  2. Like Jodi said. Wonderful! (K)

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  3. Catherine Johnson

    Your pear is so funky, Jill. Your mixed media is wonderful. Pears are such a fresh subject.

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  4. You just stepped out of the box Jill, your free flowing stitches are amazing. Pears are such an appealing shape, keep them coming.

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  5. Uhm… it’s sort of impossible to tire from your pears when you find some wonderfully clever and inventive ways to create them!! This is awesome Jill! I love the lines you made. Very expressive!

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  6. Wow, very experimental – and sooooo interesting, Jill. I like where you went with this. I ate canned pears yesterday … not as yummy as a fresh, in season one…

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  7. Very creative! Love it!

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  8. This is so cool!!

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  9. I swear you are THE most creative person I know, Jill! I love fabric and fabric-related art, so I really am wowed by your thread drawing!

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  10. My mom just bought Red Anjous, and I had no clue what they were, but when we she explained that they were pears, I automatically thought of you! I love the idea of sewing with thread, and the fabric added so much character to it. I love it! 🙂

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  11. These are fabulous!….All of them….love your creative spirit, very inspiring and motivating…also love pears, their wonderful shapes and your interpretations. Thank you for sharing these wonders.

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  12. Love pears as subjects. For me, it’s the Packham pear, which I think for you is called the Bartlett, green and curvaceous like a well-endowed woman, just like in your charcoal drawing! Never tire of them! I prefer your first stitched pic; kinda reminds me of the wonderful work of Annemieke Mein.

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