Don’t Be A Crabapple

As a child, my older sister would often tell me, “Don’t be a cry baby!”

For some strange reason this is what came to my mind as I was painting these Crabapples…


Maybe it was because I was having a tough day.  😁

You know those days when you get paint everywhere but where you WANT it to go… Your clothes, the carpet, your hair, the cat’s hair (OK, I’m exaggerating a little). Β Hehe!

And we got a new computer with Windows 10. Β I had the “old” system all figured out. Β Hmmm, does this mean I’m getting old?  😳

Now I need to find a new photo editing software for Windows 10. Β Any ideas?! Β πŸ˜‰

I did enjoy painting these Crabapples in watercolor. Β And I added a few color pencils at the end. Β I had some beautiful fall photos of my two Crabapple trees in my yard BUT I will have to save this for another day when I have time to play with the computer. Β  Let’s just say, thank goodness for my iPad! Β πŸ˜€

Happy Creating!  🎨😊

15 responses to “Don’t Be A Crabapple

  1. Well even on a bad day you turn out beautiful art Jill! Good luck with learning windows 10. I don’t have it yet. Hope today’s a better day

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    • Thank you Jodi! We got a new computer so I’d never lose any of my art photos so this part is a good thing. I’m sure I will figure it out in time. I get a day off from the office so I’m sure today will be a better day! 😜

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  2. I learned long ago: don’t update until you have no choice. My sympathy.
    But the painting turned out well! (K)

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  3. Hi Jill – Lovely bright painting. It makes me happy. Have you tried Photoshop for the iPad, only $10 and very powerful.

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  4. hehe… I’ve had those days, but I think the paint went exactly where it should for this one. These are lovely! And I’m a Mac guy, but agree with Sharon on the iPad recommendation. Also… the entry level version of Adobe Creative Cloud gives you Photoshop and Lightroom for $10 a month. It’s monthly, but more fun than Netflix for an artist! hehe πŸ˜‰

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    • Thanks Charlie! πŸ’œ I was also doing some acrylic painting and this is where I paint took on a life of its own.. Oh, that may be a good horror story! LOL! The Paint Blob! 😳 Thank you for your software ideas too! πŸ˜„

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  5. Beautiful painting, love the vibrancy of the colors. Hope your days brighten. You are way ahead of me in the tech department…I am still uncertain what an iPad is for….lol ;D

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  6. Happy you like my painting, Haunani! ❀️🎨 I love my iPad – probably because of all the apps you can get and it is light weight plus easy to use. But I still like to use my computer too. 😊


  7. Jill my sisters and I use to sneak into the neighbours yard and sample the crab apples, until we got caught, that is. Lovely illustration.

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