A Fall Chiller

There was a fall chill in the air today – A real CHILLER!

I wanted to stay with the Michael Jackson music theme for completing my mixed media leaf print that I started last week.  You can find my beginning piece here.

I added another layer of watercolor:


And finished this THRILLER with black pen:


Not too BAD!  What do you think?

Happy Creating!  😊🎶🎨

28 responses to “A Fall Chiller

  1. Nicely done Jill, the black ink defines the different elements beautifully. It reminds of stained glass. Your creative adventures are inspired! Have cozy Sunday.🎃

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  2. I LOVE it outlined! What a gorgeous background that would make. It would be a pretty mug or mouse pad, too. (Zazzle, studio 6, hint, hint) .lol

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  3. Catherine Johnson

    That’s fantastic, Jill! A great lesson in being patient. Love the addition of the black lines.

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  4. More beautiful layers. (K)

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  5. Yep…black pen made it thrill for sure!! Love the way it turned out Jill! ❤️😃

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  6. Glenmar Fullmer

    I love your colors! I don’t know if this is good or bad but for some reason I see a fish in the center top of the picture! It is a little distracting, but overall I love the abstract feel of it.

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  7. absolute stunner! Rockstar artist!

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  8. What do I think? I think I must try this! 😄❤️😄

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  9. I can hear the leaves crunch – this is so rustic and charming.

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  10. Lovely leaf print, very expressive and I like your use of lines. Looks like you had fun with it.

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  11. Love those layers and colors!👏👏👏🔺

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