The Primaries

I’m not talking politically here…

Here are more faces on primary and secondary colors:


Luanne is dating Bob, Jon, Bill and Frank –

Who did Fluffy approve?

Hope this makes you smile!  😊

Happy Drawing!  🎨

13 responses to “The Primaries

  1. LOL! 🙂 Smiling

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  2. I much prefer your primaries to the political ones!

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  3. Haha! This is sooo cool!! I love these Jill!! I would say that Fluffy doesn’t care for Bob, because he seems red with anger all the time and Jon, he’s always down and feeling blue so it’s depressing. Bill seemed promising for his sunny and bright disposition, but was a bit high strung and needed to lay off the amphetamines. That left Frank who was quiet and sensual, and seemed like the only good candidate. But in the end Fluffy was green with envy and just wanted to keep Luanne to himself (and would delete her Tinder profile entirely if he only had thumbs) 😉

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  4. Lol, lol! Jill you are so funny and I love Charlie’s scenerio. You bring such happiness to us everyday.

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  5. Jill these are so bright and happy just like you!

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  6. How fun! I absolutely love quick little faces. There is no way to “mess them up” and they always bring a smile to your face–especially when they are backed by a bright swath of color. 🙂

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