Tulips In Winter?!

As winter approaches, I suddenly have Spring on my mind:


Above are rows of tulips from my imagination.

I would love to see the Spring tulips in Skagit Valley, Washington!

It is on my Bucket List!  😊

What is on your wish list to do before you die?!

I’d love to hear from you!

24 responses to “Tulips In Winter?!

  1. What a lovely vision from your imagination. I hope you are able to see the tulips come spring.

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  2. Catherine Johnson

    That sounds achievable, Jill. Make it happen. I love tulips too. Then go to the land of tulips Holland 😉

    I just want to visit Prague and take lots of pictures.

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  3. This would make a nice rug.
    I am a person who doesn’t make plans, so…no list. (K)

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  4. I’d like to spot and get a nice shot of a Stellar’s Jay. I’m not too ambitious. 🙂

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  5. I such a huge fan of your imagination Jill! ❤️😃 I love these! Hmmm…. there’s so much on my bucket list! Hehe (weird autocorrect tried to called it bucket lair, which is interesting) I guess write and illustrate my own book would be at the top. 😊

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  6. This drawing looks like it could be a very colorful quilt. I love your design and isn’t wonderful that we can draw our dreams!

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  7. Maybe you can force some bulbs this year? : )

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  8. Someone I worked with once said that she wanted to see the tulip fields in Holland before she died. 🙂 Me, I had always wanted to see the Parthenon and the Great Wall. Did both already…which is good since I don’t like to fly/travel anymore. Your painting is so cheerful!

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  9. Sky diving is. At the top of my list! 😳

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