Funky Fall Candles

I am still experimenting with candles:


I combined several art mediums for this piece.  I experimented with Tombow markers, Pan Pastels, collage and color pencils.  I used my own Gelli-printed papers for collage and also added a scrapbook page on acetate with a FALL theme.

These almost look like birthday candles.  You know the ones that you try to blow out but they just keep relighting.  My husband’s birthday is this month and he is entering the age where he can start getting the Senior discount.  Feels a little like those trick candles.  Age has a way of doing that to a person. lol!

Enjoy your day!  😊

20 responses to “Funky Fall Candles

  1. Catherine Johnson

    I love the one with writing on, that’s genius! Trick candles are fun

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  2. Awesome and so festive. Happy birthday to your hubby this month. We are celebrating my hubby’s birthday today. His birthday is tomorrow. 🎈🎁🍰

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  3. And maybe some Christmas cards with candles will come later on. These are colorful and lovely ~

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  4. I love the funky technique and look of these candles!

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  5. Very pretty! I like the flame on each candle…..a face a heart and a flower! Art within art!

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  6. Happy Birthday to your hubby, Jill! I always enjoy your creative mixed media work. Colorful and cool! Enjoy your Sunday. 💜

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  7. Wonderful design Jill, I like how you used the collage items. The doors are wide open for your imagination.

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  8. These are so fun Jill! 💕💕Lovely! And happy birthday to the hubby….is it weird that I’m jealous of his discount? 😊😊

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