Camping in Winter?


We had a big wind storm yesterday with wind gusts up to 70 miles per hour!

I have been without power for almost 24 hours.  The house sure gets cold without heat in a hurry. It makes one appreciate the basic amenities.

I’m not sure how long we and 168,000 other people will be without power.  The newspaper reported that it could take several days.  So I tried to keep some of our food cold in an ice chest.

It helped to sketch the ice chest to take my mind off of how cold I feel at the moment.   😨

A friend who has heat – invited us for dinner.  I feel so grateful! ❤️

May you share a warm cup of kindness to someone today!  ☕️

30 responses to “Camping in Winter?

  1. Thankful for your friend, their dinner and heat! Hope you are with power by now! Sending warm bear hugs!

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  2. Catherine Johnson

    Nice friend. I hope you get more invites that’s a long time without power. Take care!

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  3. Oh so sorry! We had that same storm and were out of power for awhile too. Hope you get it back soon. We put some gas logs in last year so we could have heat. We were out for over a week when OK had that big ice storm several years back. Thank goodnes for art and good friends!

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  4. Sending you warmth and hugs. Let us know when you are back to power on. ❤️

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  5. I am sorry you lost your power for so long. We lost it for just over an hour during the storm. Stay warm and safe.

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  6. Sending you some warm kind thoughts, hope things get back to normal for you quickly!

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  7. ditto all the warm thoughts (K)

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  8. Hope you’ll get power back before the food spoils! Enjoy your dinner with your friend. So nice of them to have you over!

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  9. Wow… that’s a really long time. So happy to hear you have a nice warm place to have dinner tonight. But that’s a great cooler sketch! 😉

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  10. Sorry to hear about your power loss. Great sketch, the creative power never goes off that is for sure. Sending you warm hugs and wishes for a quick return of power. Be safe.

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  11. Well, gosh! Keep warm! Look up the flower pot heater. In a small area it will help keep you warm.

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